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When should I see a doctor?

see a doctor

If you have been injured, you should see a doctor immediately! Your health and well-being should be your foremost concern. Too often injured victims report that they went home in pain after their injuries because they were uncertain of what they should do.

Be proactive and have yourself checked over by a doctor right away - preferably in the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital, immediately after the accident. Alternatively, you might choose to be seen in an Urgent Care clinic, or by your personal doctor. Make sure you report to the doctor the cause of your injuries, so the fact will be documented in your medical records. Report even minor injuries.

The harsh reality is that if you don’t get medical attention within a short time after the accident, the insurance company will usually argue that you were not injured and may try to deny your claim.

Some injuries are not apparent immediately after an accident and develop over hours, days, or even weeks: herniated discs and some closed head injuries may not be diagnosed immediately, and chronic pain may develop in the wake of even a minor injury. If new symptoms develop, make sure your doctor knows about them.

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