Elk Grove & Sacramento County Truck Accident Attorneys

Let’s say you or a loved one has been in a serious trucking accident.

Needless to say, you will desperately need an attorney who is experienced in handling complex injury cases that may have resulted in major, life-changing injuries.

John O’Brien is just the type of attorney you’re looking for and will need. He has a history of dealing with and winning settlements for his clients who have been severely injured in Elk Grove & Sacramento County trucking accidents.

Along with Grant Zehnder, who has every bit of a serious injury experience, you will be in secure hands during your fight to get justice for yourself or your loved one.

Don’t take the decision to choose the right attorney to manage and guide you through such a complex case for granted. The right attorney can be your saving grace.

Why Truck and 18-Wheeler Injury Claims Tend to be Complex

Although it may be obvious why trucking and 18-wheeler personal injury claims would be more complex, some of the reasons why may surprise you. Here’s a stat that will blow your mind… one report shows that over 119,000 trucking and tractor-trailer accidents, combined with over 4,000 fatalities occurred in one calendar year. Just imagine all the lawsuits, all the attorneys for both sides, and all the court proceedings that follow month and month and year after year. Complex is an understatement. Making sure that you or your loved one have an experienced lawyer who can navigate a complex trucking accident case is essential. O’Brien & Zehnder will take you through the whole process, from A-Z, so you don’t have to endure all the stress and trauma yourself.

Dealing with a National Corporation

In addition to many other reasons why is it crucial to choose the right attorney for you or your loved one after suffering a major personal injury due to a collision with a truck or 18-wheeler, dealing with a large, national trucking company is absolutely daunting and will be overwhelming if you don’t have proper legal representation. The case and list of defendants may include the driver, the trucking company itself, a possible manufacturer of materials on the truck, or even the company that contracts with and hired the driver. Again, it is an understatement to say that trucking accidents which result in catastrophic injury are complex. You must hire a competent, experienced attorney who knows how to handle the big boy national corporations.

Requesting Large Amounts of Money from an Insurance Company

In case your wondering, we have a consistent theme here… major injury cases due to serious trucking accidents are complex and deal in huge amounts of money at their core. It’s all about the money, which means your attorney’s demand will be for a large amount of money to be paid out by an insurance company. The insurance company is who is representing the large, national trucking company, so you or your loved one with be dealing with multiple large, national companies at every turn. It is imperative that you have an educated and experienced attorney representing your best interest who knows exactly how to deal with and not be intimidated by the massive nature of the insurance company. The right attorney can be the difference between getting the true settlement you deserve or winning at trial or being trampled by the big corporations that don’t care about your future.

Proving Fault

You might think that proving fault is rather straightforward. You would be wrong. Let’s say you or a loved one was in a horrific trucking or 18-wheeler collision, leaving you or your loved one seriously injured. Let’s now say that multiple vehicles were involved. Guess what… all of them will try to point the finger at one or more of the other drivers to avoid taking responsibility. Utilizing police reports and eyewitnesses to determine who was at fault will be the determining factor as to whether or not a suit and claim can be filed and won. Having an attorney who has investigators and the deep pockets to dig deep to find out and prove who the faulty party is can make or break your case.

Truck Accident Injury Attorneys in Sacramento County

Again, the situation is that you or a loved one has been in a catastrophic trucking or 18-wheeler accident. The first step is to hire an experienced attorney who can see the traumatic process through with you. Your attorney must be experienced in handling complex personal injury cases that may have resulted in major, life-changing injuries. John O’Brien is exactly that attorney you’re seeking and desperately need. His background includes dealing with and securing incredible settlements for his clients who were horribly injured in a trucking or 18-wheeler accident. Along with Grant Zehnder, who has extensive serious trucking accident injury experience, you will have peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one will have the right representation to get acquire substantial financial justice. Don’t take the decision to choose the right attorney to manage and guide you through such a complex case lightly.

Meet John O’Brien Award-winning Truck Accident Lawyer

Not all personal injury attorneys in Sacramento County have the track record and reputation of John O’Brien. From AVVO to Martindale Hubbell, Mr. O’Brien has proven he is a trial-tested injury litigation attorney. He has the experience and know-how to navigate your serious trucking accident case, while you focus on healing both physically and emotionally. His reputation in Sacramento County is stellar, and he gives back to his community. You can catch John donating his time to local schools, investing in charity events, and providing help to those who need it most. Most importantly, Mr. O’Brien will also show you the compassion you need during this worst of times.

Meet Grant Zehnder 18-Wheeler Injury Lawyer

Grant Zehnder is a tenacious, and trial-tested injury litigation attorney. Mr. Zehnder knows that after an injury, emotions and anxieties can run high. Recovering from an injury is expensive, and if you cannot work, a lack of income can only add to a problematic situation. He also has the experience to manage your physical and emotional healing, along with dealing with the insensitive nature of the trucking company and their insurance provider. Super Lawyers recently awarded Mr. Zehnder with their Rising Stars recognition. If you’ve been injured in an accident, and want to learn more about protecting your financial rights, talk to Grant Zehnder today. As with his partner, Mr. Zehnder will fight to the end for you, no matter the obstacles faced during your incredible time of need.

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