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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Elk Grove & Sacramento Area

Bicycling is fun and a great way to stay fit and it is an environmentally friendly means of commuting. For a child, having a bike is a step towards independence. California is an environmentally conscious state where many people enjoy outdoor activities, but sharing the roads with much larger cars comes with a risk. Bicycle accidents sometimes lead to injury or death. In either event, you may need a bike accident attorney on your side.

  • 540,000 accidents per year
  • deaths per day
  • 50,000 injuries daily

Determining Fault

When your accident was caused by another person, you must be able to prove that person was negligent and that the negligence was the cause of your accident. To prove negligence in the state of California, you must show the following:

  • The driver had a duty or care to you, the cyclist.
  • The driver failed in this duty.
  • The driver should have been able to predict the dangers in his or her action or inaction.
  • The negligence was the proximate cause of your injury.
  • You suffered real and demonstrable damages as a direct result of the accident.

Although this process may seem simple, it is hardly ever straightforward. Bike accident cases are often difficult and complex, in many cases requiring the use of expert witness testimony. Having an attorney help you through the process can help you receive the highest amount of damages possible for your case. An experienced personal injury lawyer not only knows the nuances of the law, but also has the resources and connections to call upon experts, such as accident reconstructionists and traffic safety engineers, to help with investigating and proving liability and maximizing the likelihood of winning an adequate and fair settlement or jury verdict. Choose an attorney with years of experience and a practice limited exclusively to personal injury law, not a generalist.

Bike Accident Injuries

Common injuries related to cycling accidents include the following:

Cyclists are at a much greater risk of more serious injury because they have no protection when struck by a vehicle. The greater speed and weight of a car or truck compared to a bike puts a cyclist in serious danger when a collision occurs.

In addition, you may be suffering from damage to your quality of life, including pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of independence, inability to enjoy recreational activities and hobbies, and many others.

Most of the injuries listed above lead to time lost from work and long-term medical needs such as:

  • Surgery
  • Cosmetic reconstruction procedures
  • Physical therapy/rehabilitation
  • Psychological counseling
  • Long-term prescription medication
  • Mobility aids

The Importance of the Best Available Legal Representation

Your ability to obtain the treatment you need and be compensated for all of your economic and intangible losses (quality of life damages) will often depend on the quality of legal representation you have. At the law firm of John M. O'Brien, our highly qualified Elk Grove-based bike accident lawyers will fight on your behalf to make sure that you will get the funds to go on living following a serious injury, and the peace of mind that you need and deserve.

Insurance companies will fight with every means available to make a plaintiff settle for the lowest possible amount of money. Insurance adjusters are skilled at posing questions to victims in such a way as to elicit a response that can hurt your case, so avoid talking to them. Sign nothing, and do not allow the adjuster to record a statement from you. Refer the adjuster to your attorney, who will take steps to protect your right to an adequate recovery.

No-cost Legal Consultation

For the best representation Elk Grove has to offer, contact the top-rated law firm of attorney John M. O'Brien. With 25 years of experience and a practice limited exclusively to personal injury law, we are able to offer the skilled advocacy that will result in the best outcome available in your particular case. We will perform a case analysis and answer your questions about legal options at no cost to you.

At our firm, you are not just another case, you are a person. We understand the hardship that you are facing, and we focus on relieving the stress that invariably comes with a serious injury.

We keep you informed and involved, returning phone calls and emails without delay. If you or a family member has been involved in a bicycle accident, the time to get help is right now. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with a top-rated bike accident lawyer.


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