Our clients are our biggest advocates. There’s a lot of injury lawyers in Sacramento County, however not all of them have the track record of O’Brien & Zehnder. OZ LAW has won over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for accident injury victims. Scroll below to check out our Personal Injury settlement victories.


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Car Accident

Andrea A. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

I felt really confident in John O'Brien handling my case. He was always available.

Miguel F. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

What caught me about John is that he was worried about my concerns.

Kerry's Mom - Car Accident Victim

I would have never been able to do what the O'Brien & Zehnder law firm did for my daughter.

Kerry M. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

It was a complete help, I did not think that it would benefit me as much as it did.

Julia H. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

I know John, and I know his reputation, and I have to be honest, he was top of mind.

Yesenia D. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

I spoke with John O'Brien and I felt very comfortable with him. I got the sense that he knew what he was doing.

Susan O. - Husband Involved in Car Accident

John could have settled or given up easily, but he did not, he achieved a maximum settlement for us.

Stacie S. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

Once I called John there were a lot of things that I did not have to deal with anymore. It was a huge help.

Allan M. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

Everybody in this law office was wonderful, very good, professional people.

Rob M. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

John's staff is extremely professional, they can handle everything from beginning to end.

Personal Injury

Elizabeth W. - Bicycle Accident Victim

We settled, I had a settlement with the city and the county, John and his team helped me all the way.

“John is amazing. He works hard to make sure his clients get the money they deserve when it comes to settlements. After having bad luck with our previous attorney, John took over our case and helped us tremendously. He and his staff are very professional and friendly! I would recommend him to ANYONE needing legal help!”

Carolyn S. ⁣

"John, Brenda, Grant, and Audra worked together on my case. They are easy to work with and they care. Brenda was great about keeping in touch with me after my surgery. Because I was patient and allowed them to do their job, I received the best settlement possible. I don't write reviews often, but I had to share my experience. In our culture, most attorneys get a bad rap (I'm guilty of that)! If they cannot help you, they will tell you upfront. Besides, their consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose. If you want a great and caring experience, give them a call today."

Jolanne T.

"Mr. O'Brien and his staff are absolutely amazing! They took their time with me, they had all the patience, love, and compassion for me and my family. To have a firm represent me and convey my emotions in a professional manner is truly a blessing! Mr. O'Brien and his staff heard me, they listen to me and they helped me and my family. For that, I will be forever grateful! God sent me Angels wearing blue may he send you lots more clients that have just as much patience love understanding as you guys do. I wish you all nothing but the absolute best! Be blessed ALWAYS."

Stacy E.

"John, Grant, and their entire team are incredible! We worked with them over the past few years and I never had an ounce of doubt that we choose the right team to represent us. They were professional, responsive, honest, and caring throughout the entire process. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts! I will recommend them to anyone in need of their services."

Tanya S.

Motorcycle Accident

Christian's Mom - ATV Accident Victim

There was a comfort when we met with John O'Brien, we knew in our hearts that he is the one that can do it.