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Elk Grove & Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer: Client Testimonials

"I was seven months pregnant (when I got in a car accident). It was a little stressful with the whole insurance situation. John M. O'Brien was very honest and straightforward and I was really happy with the results. I had nothing to do with the insurance; it was a very stress-free, easy process."

Yesenia D.

"My husband and I had flown from San Diego and we landed at the Sacramento Airport. In approximately 11 minutes after we left the airport in a rental car, we got hit by a vehicle. I had a neck surgery and two foot surgeries. John is absolutely incredible and the staff there is very responsive."

Julia H.

"My insurance wasn't really giving me any advice or anything. It was turning into a nightmare; I didn't know what to do. I called John and what caught my attention is that he was worried about me, not about his fees; that's when I said: 'This is the guy I am going with.'"

Miguel F.

"My daughter and I were in a nasty car accident. I called John since he knows exactly how the whole thing works and he helped us handle everything. John's staff is extremely professional, and they can handle everything from beginning to end. "

Rob M.

"Christian was in an accident, and his fingers were amputated. I had bills coming left and right. John M. O'Brien made us feel very confident. The insurance companies were saying that we weren't covered. John worked and communicated with us until we got the call that the injury was covered."

Christian's Mom

"My daughter was in a car accident and needed intensive care for seven days, so the medical bills were astronomical. John worked directly with the hospitals and negotiated to reduce the bills. It was such a relief that they were able to take care of that for us and settle our case."

Kerry's Mom

"I lost three fingers in an ATV accident. Originally, the insurance company told us that my injury would not be covered. It took about a year of persistence on John M. O'Brien's part to go ahead and dig deep and find out that it was ultimately covered. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney."


"John held 2 cases for us where he could have settled or given up easily. He didn't. He kept working on them and achieved a maximum settlement for us. We were extremely pleased."

Susan O.

"In 2011 I was injured in a car accident...As I received medical treatment I had to pay for everything out of pocket and it was a hardship. A friend referred me to John. The consultation went really great and I felt confident with him handling my case... Mr. O'Brien was always available."

Andrea A.

"I was riding my bike in 2013 and a car hit me. I had a compound fracture and I shattered my tibia in 10 spots. I was referred to John by a friend and he came to our house to meet with me... It really helped me to hire John to take care of all the legal [aspect of things] and to be my advocate."

Elizabeth W.

"I was in a car accident, and I was injured. John M. O'Brien helped me out a lot. Anyone that is scared to call a lawyer or thinks that it's going to cost too much money has to know that you will not get anywhere close to what John can help you get. He takes the burden off of your shoulders."


"I was in a car that lost control and ran into the mountains. The hospitals asked me to pay a lot of medical bills, and my insurance didn't compensate all of them. John M. O'Brien made sure that, in the end, everything was completely covered. They broke the process down and made it really easy. "

Kerry M.

"After the car accident, I had three bulging discs in my neck that were pressing on my spinal cord causing many problems. The insurance company was very defensive so I went online and found John M. O'Brien's website. I felt comfortable with the first call. They're very good and professional people."

Allan M.

"My wife suffered injuries in a car crash. Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Zehnder's skilled courtroom presentation and remarkable negotiation skills overturned adverse circumstances. We recommend Mr. O'Brien."


"I was stunned after a distracted driver rear-ended me. Thankfully, John O'Brien and his team worked efficiently and tirelessly, helping me cover the piling medical bills."


"I lost my father because of a drunk driving accident. It was a difficult period, but John O'Brien and his colleague Grant Zehnder helped me obtain justice, closure, and compensation. Thank you!"


"After being inefficiently represented, we were relieved to find a professional, versed, and friendly attorney. John M. O'Brien made sure that in our settlement we obtained the money deserved. "


"The O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm expertly negotiated my car accident while I concentrated completely on health recovery. I wholeheartedly appreciate everything they have done for me."


"Owing to Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Zehnder's professional representation, I'm riding my motorcycle again after almost a year of recovery. I am very thankful I chose Mr. O'Brien."


"My daughter was seriously injured by a car while walking across the crosswalk. We are grateful for the aggressive fight John O'Brien put up, helping us obtain higher compensation."


"I needed hospitalization after being injured on a work site. I made the right decision by contacting the law firm of John M. O’Brien, as he was helpful and considerate. "


"Exercising my legal rights to sue, I didn't know what to expect. I am grateful to Mr. O'Brien for always being available and making it an easy process. I will definitely choose him again."


"Mr. O'Brien's reliable and trustworthy services were more than I could have hoped for. The settlement he obtained for my accident was beyond expectations. My family and I greatly appreciate your help!"


"The O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm was recommended to me by a friend after I was involved in a car accident. Their patience, consideration, and readiness to explain the process impressed me. "


"I just want to say "thank you" once again for joining in my case. Thank you for working so hard for bringing it to a successful conclusion. You are an amazing attorney! I really appreciate the work that you performed on my behalf. Thank you, I am so pleased and happy with the outcome. "

Lupe C.

"Mr. O'Brien treated my case better than I imagined it was possible. Owing to his diligence and professionalism we settled rapidly. Also, the compensation received was more than I expected. Thank you!"


"No other lawyer returned my calls before. Mr. O'Brien was always available, that is why I felt he cares about me and my case. Also, it was obvious that he has plenty of experience."


"All we wanted after our car accident was to go back to normal. Mr. O'Brien understood and offered attentive and compassionate support. They presented our options but never pressured us."


"We are grateful to Mr. Zehnder for solving our personal injury case. We were impressed by his personal care, patience, and dedication. We regret not having contacted Mr. Zehnder from the beginning."


"I recently had the pleasure of watching John O'Brien masterfully try a difficult personal injury case to a jury in Butte County. John represented a man who sustained a lumbar disc injury in a car accident."

Larry Buckley

"I deeply appreciate your work ethic, compassion, knowledge and willingness to battle for me and resolve the case. While I hope that I never need to use a lawyer again, if I should then you are definitely the firm I will go to for help! "

Jan F.

"If you suffer an injury resulting from any accident that may be the fault of someone else, I highly recommend you contact John O'Brien to represent you."


"Just a note to say "thank you," you made us (finally) feel like we were important! Thanks again for all of your time and efforts. Please tell Kathy and Brenda the same!"

Joan & Bob

"You and your staff made this process go very smoothly. Also, you went above and beyond and exceeded all expectations. I will definitely contact you for any future mishaps."

Shaina H.

"As I reflect back on the events of the past three years, I see what a huge part you have played in our lives and I am so grateful."

Naomi M.