Our clients are our biggest advocates. There’s a lot of injury lawyers in Sacramento County, however not all of them have the track record of O’Brien & Zehnder. OZ LAW has won over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for accident injury victims. Scroll below to check out our Personal Injury settlement victories.

Rob M. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

John's staff is extremely professional, they can handle everything from beginning to end.

Allan M. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

Everybody in this law office was wonderful, very good, professional people.

Christian's Mom - ATV Accident Victim

There was a comfort when we met with John O'Brien, we knew in our hearts that he is the one that can do it.

Stacie S. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

Once I called John there were a lot of things that I did not have to deal with anymore. It was a huge help.

Susan O. - Husband Involved in Car Accident

John could have settled or given up easily, but he did not, he achieved a maximum settlement for us.

Yesenia D. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

I spoke with John O'Brien and I felt very comfortable with him. I got the sense that he knew what he was doing.

Elizabeth W. - Bicycle Accident Victim

We settled, I had a settlement with the city and the county, John and his team helped me all the way.

Julia H. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

I know John, and I know his reputation, and I have to be honest, he was top of mind.

Kerry M. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

It was a complete help, I did not think that it would benefit me as much as it did.

Kerry's Mom - Car Accident Victim

I would have never been able to do what the O'Brien & Zehnder law firm did for my daughter.

Miguel F. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

What caught me about John is that he was worried about my concerns.

Andrea A. - Car Accident Victim Testimonial

I felt really confident in John O'Brien handling my case. He was always available.