Why won’t any lawyer take my case?

Lawyers can refuse to take your case for several reasons. Maybe the most important reason why lawyers refuse cases is because clients come to them with a situation that is outside of their practice areas.

Lawyers should never take cases in which they have no experience, so if you are turned down because of this, it is actually beneficial to you. A good lawyer knows his or her limitations and will often gladly refer you to a lawyer who has handled cases like yours in the past.

Time is also a good reason why a lawyer can refuse to take your case. Often, law firms deal with hundreds of calls each month from potential clients and must evaluate a lot of cases to determine if they can take it and win it on your behalf. Another factor that might push a lawyer to refuse your case is the low level of damages, injuries, or losses that you may have suffered.

Scrapes and bruises do not call for hiring a lawyer, mostly because of the costs of hiring one. Little to no medical treatment resulting from the accident can also lead to refusal. Your medical bills and records are the proof of your injuries - if you have not seen a physician, you have no medical documentation of treatments, doctor visits, and appointments, a lawyer may have a hard time handling the claim. In personal injury claims, medical records are one of the most important pieces of evidence. Lack of insurance coverage and conflict of interests can also lead to a lawyer refusing your case.

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