What if I don’t have med pay or the money to pay medical bills while i’m awaiting my case resolution?

When you are the injured party and don't have health insurance or your health insurance doesn't cover all medical bills, the health care providers will recover medicals bills through a settlement lien.

If you have either private or public health insurance, it will pay your medical bills.

Your insurer, however, will have the right to recover what it has paid from your settlement.

If you have no private insurance and don’t qualify for public insurance, most doctors will provide treatment but will put a lien on your recovery, to be paid at the time your case settles.

Public and private insurers negotiate reduced rates with healthcare providers, so although you will have to reimburse them for the bills they’ve paid, you’ll owe less than if you must pay a doctor’s regular rates when settling on a lien.

After the case is settled, you will need to pay any additional medical expenses on your own. Your Elk Grove-based attorneys John M. O'Brien & Grant Zehnder will work on your behalf to negotiate a settlement that includes expected future expenses.

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