If I lose the wrongful death case, do I have to pay the other side’s fees or costs?

There is no downside for a person pursuing a case, with the exception we must put in all of our fee agreements upfront.

As, in the unlikely event that the individual loses, they could be responsible for the other side's costs. In 26 years, our office never had that happen, but we must tell everyone that when we're explaining the cost and fee structure going in.

The reason it never happens is that if there are some negative issues with the case, there are many opportunities for clients to decide and solve the case in their favor.

In a wrongful death case, each side bears its own attorney's fees. In California, there is no "loser pays" rule for attorneys’ fees. However, there are certain instances where the opposing party’s costs (i.e., filing fees, expert witness fees, copying costs, deposition costs, etc.) can be shifted to the losing party if the case is tried unsuccessfully.

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