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Car Accident Lawyers Serving North Highlands

Nationally, fifty percent of serious collisions, as well as twenty percent of fatal collisions, happen at intersections. North Highlands is not immune to such statistics. When reviewing North Highlands' intersections there are some that are clearly more dangerous than others. Tragically, some of the intersection accidents have been catastrophic, leaving drivers and/or their passengers seriously injured.We’ve listed below the major intersections where traffic collisions have occurred.

Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident in North Highlands, Ca?

If you have been driving for long enough, you’ve probably heard how you should watch for other vehicles in order to be safe on the road. This is true, but what happens when the road itself is not safe? This is not a situation that many people think of regarding car accidents, but it is something to keep in mind. If road defects contributed or caused an accident, the government entity responsible for the design and maintenance of that road may be held responsible for the accident and any resulting injuries. In such incidents, it is important to get an experienced highway defect lawyer involved.

Car Accident Types and Cases in North Highlands, Ca

The Sacramento & Elk Grove-based O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm fights tirelessly on behalf of clients and their families to recover maximum compensation when they are injured in an intersection auto collision. We have been helping automobile crash victims for more than twenty-six years. Contact the O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm at 800.722.4176 today for a free case evaluation.

The car accident cases we handle in North Highlands, Ca are included in these categories:

Major Intersections & Crossroads in North Highlands , CA

  • Watt Ave & Elkhorn Blvd
  • Jenny Lind Ave & Viola Dr
  • Longview Dr & Orange Grove Ave
  • Palomino Ln & Winona Way
  • President Ave & Liberty St
  • President Ave & Cabinet Cir
  • Don Julio Blvd & Larchmont Dr
  • Don Julio Blvd & Walegra Rd
  • Roseville Rd & Walegra Rd
  • Larchmont Dr & Bainbridge Dr
  • Larchmont Dr & Elkhorn Blvd
  • Elkhorn Blvd & Watt Ave
  • Madison Ave & College Oak Dr
  • Auburn Blvd & College Oak Dr
  • Watt Ave & Roseville Rd

Residential Communities We Serve in North Highlands , CA

  • 34th St
  • Aero Haven
  • Alder Grove
  • Arcade Oaks Vista
  • Hamilton Gardens
  • Highlands
  • Highland Terrace
  • Larchmont Village
  • Madison Avenue
  • Middle 32nd St
  • Mission Rancho
  • Watt Ave Merchants Assoc.
  • Watt/Madison Square
  • Winnona Estates