Citrus Heights Personal Injury Attorneys

You may think that personal injury attorneys are a dime a dozen, yet you may not realize that so few are dedicated to protecting your rights and showing you the compassion for your circumstances that you so desperately need during what may very well be the most stressful, emotional time of your life, considering the serious injuries that you or a loved one has suffered.

No matter the type of accident that caused your frightening injuries, O’Brien & Zehnder will provide you with the most relentless and zealous effort to get you justice. Whether it be Mr. O’Brien or Mr. Zehnder who manages your injury case, you can rest assured that you have a top personal injury attorney in Citrus Heights in your corner.

Types of Accident Injury Cases We Represent

We at O’Brien & Zehnder are experienced and equipped to offer legal representation for many different types of accident injury cases, such as car accident cases, truck and 18-wheeler accident cases, motorcycle wreck cases, severe injury cases, wrongful death cases, and construction accident cases. Ultimately, regardless of your particular injury, you will get the best of our efforts to protect your rights and earn you the maximum settlement possible for your injuries, as well as your extreme pain and suffering.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are the cause of a huge percentage of personal injuries which have claims filed. No matter how serious your injury is, it is essential to know how to navigate the process and build your personal injury case. Since your focus needs to be healing, both physically and emotionally, choosing a competent personal injury attorney is your best move to have an ally build your case for you and with you, so the best possible settlement outcome can occur.

Truck and 18-Wheeler Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, personal injuries that result from truck and 18-wheeler accidents tend to be of a severe nature. Taking on the big trucking company and their big insurance company will be a daunting task, to say the least. While you’re trying to recover from your serious injuries, hire an experienced personal injury attorney to utilize their expertise in negotiating the deserved compensation you have coming to you and your family.

Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most brutal, life-threatening wrecks on the road. Chances are very likely that your personal injuries are severe, so bringing a seasoned personal injury lawyer into the fold may be the most crucial decision you ever make, as it can be the difference between a winning settlement that you deserve or an unfavorable outcome that leaves you unable to have closure and move forward with your life. Hiring the right personal injury attorney with motorcycle wreck experience will put you in the legal position to acquire the best possible settlement, as they will know how much your claim is actually worth.

Severe Injuries

We know that all sorts of injuries come into play with all the accidents that occur daily, but some are simply more severe than others, sometimes even being catastrophic, leaving victims without the ability to earn a living for themselves in the future. These types of cases absolutely required the legal representation of a relentless personal injury lawyer who will not stop until the proper and appropriate settlement is paid out. The bottom line is that you need to heal, and the right attorney will know how to work through the hurdles of severe injury cases, regardless of the cause, and determine how your severe injuries should impact your compensation.

Wrongful Death

I guess we can just say it, there is nothing worse than the emotionally debilitating task of filing a wrongful death claim and having to battle against the insensitive and greedy push back by a large corporation or insurance company trying to analytically minimize your loved one’s life value. Choosing the best attorney for taking on your tragic wrongful death case will ensure that you and your family will know the key elements of a wrongful death lawsuit, giving you the best chance at a positive result in the form of holding the liable party accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Construction Accident Injuries

Personal injuries are oftentimes life-changing and can bring utter chaos to someone’s normally peaceful home and life. Construction accident injuries can be the worst and most tragic, so it’s important to know your legal options if you or a loved one has been the victim of a horrific construction accident. Hiring the right personal injury attorney to conquer the big construction company and its insurance company is a crucial decision that you should take seriously.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Citrus Heights

At O’Brien & Zehnder we believe that every victim of a serious injury, whether it be due to an auto accident, a truck or 18-wheeler accident, or even a motorcycle accident, should receive unwavering support in the form of an experienced personal injury attorney in Citrus Heights to take on the legal and financial aspects of your tragic situation so you don’t have to endure the stress of those challenges. Call John O’Brien for a free consultation, so you can decide if O’Brien & Zehnder is the right law firm for your specific injury and accident circumstances.