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Deciding on the right personal injury attorney for your personal injury claim is as important as any other decision you may make.

Finding a solid fit with you and your representation needs is key to how smooth your lawsuit process goes.

O’Brien & Zehnder are experienced personal injury attorneys in Elk Grove and will make sure your rights are protected and your pursuit towards a settlement that serves justice for you or your loved one.

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Types of Accident Injury Cases We Represent

We represent victims of personal injuries stemming from all sorts of mishaps and horrible incidents, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, severe injuries in general, accidents resulting in death and construction mistakes. No matter the particular type of accident that left you seriously injured, we can help you or your loved one. Hiring a personal injury attorney with vast case experience will give you the ability to trust their knowledge of the law and their capacity to navigate a lawsuit step by step, resulting in the best possible outcome.

Auto Accidents

What’s the most common type of accident? Well, of course, it’s auto accidents. Since we’re so used to car accidents being part of almost everyday life as we drive around town day after day, it’s easy to forget just how damaging any car accident can be at any time, unless we’ve suffered serious injuries in a horrible car accident ourselves. So if you’ve been the victim of someone else’s careless driving, leading to your injuries, then securing legal counsel that has the experience and skills to maneuver through a claim’s process to earn your fair and just settlement is a step you should take right now.

Truck and 18-Wheeler Accident Injuries

It’s no surprise that truck and 18-wheeler accidents can result in devastating personal injuries and require major lawsuits. Due to the nature of having multiple parties involved, these types of accidents can be very complex and complicated. Being protected and legally taken care of by competent and knowledgeable legal representation is essential to coming out on top as best as is possible, considering the tragic circumstances.

Motorcycle Wrecks

Even though motorcycle wrecks are some of the most damaging on the roadways, the average person, as well as insurance companies, tend to lack the same empathy and sympathy as they may provide victims of other types of accidents, considering how dangerous motorcycles are, to begin with. That is why it is so crucial to chooses an attorney who has motorcycle wreck experience, as they will know how to combat that and will make every effort possible to increase your compensation.

Severe Injuries

All types of serious injuries occur in the midst of various types of circumstances and environments, so the cause isn’t always the main point, but rather the actual severity of the resulting physical harm done. Severe injury lawsuits can present many different levels of complexity, so hiring the right personal injury attorney, who has extensive experience capitalizing on and maximizing a client’s pain and suffering, could well be the difference between a winning settlement or a settlement that leaves you dejected.

Wrongful Death

As it pertains to a family’s suffering and intense sorrow, when dealing with a serious personal injury case, nothing matches the pain and stress of embarking on a wrongful death claim. It is emotionally straining and seems endless. Having an attorney with a winning case history who knows how to determine the maximum available damages and value for the loss of your loved one the legal partner you want in your corner during this most difficult of times.

Construction Accident Injuries

It’s always incredibly sad and frustrating when someone who was just trying to do their job and work hard suffers from a horrific construction accident, which can result in unbelievably damaging personal injuries. The injuries can linger and sometimes be permanently debilitating and life-altering, so selecting the right attorney who has the skills and experience to force the liable party or parties to be accountable in the form of a big settlement can be your best decision for you and your loved ones.

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