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Car Accident & Construction Accident Injury Lawyers Serving Elk Grove, CA

Car Accident & Construction Accident Injury Lawyers Serving Elk Grove, CA

Nationally, fifty percent of serious collisions, as well as twenty percent of fatal collisions, happen at intersections. Elk Grove, California is not immune to such statistics. Over the years studies reveal that some crossroads in Elk Grove are more dangerous than others. For example, according to data compiled by 1point21 Interactive, Calvine Rd & Elk Grove Florin Rd (with 24 traffic collisions reported in 2015), Sheldon Rd & Waterman Rd (with 12 traffic collisions reported in 2015), and Bruceville Rd & Laguna Bl (with 14 traffic collisions reported in 2015) are the most dangerous intersections in Elk Grove. We’ve listed below other major intersections where traffic accidents have occurred.

Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident in Elk Grove, CA?

For most Californians, driving is like breathing, a necessary function for sustaining life that we perform automatically. Driving, although necessary, is not without risks to life and health. If you or someone you love has been severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, you will find the skills and experience you need in a local car accident lawyer at the O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm. Contact us at 800.722.4176 today for a free case evaluation. The motor vehicle accident cases we handle in Elk Grove, CA are included in these categories:

Attorneys Recovering Compensation From Insurance Companies

Liability for crossing intersections safely depends on the actions of the motorist or pedestrian as well as the proper design of such intersections by local, state, and sometimes federal authorities.

In the event that road defects contributed or caused an accident, the government entity responsible for the design and maintenance of that road may be held responsible for the accident and any resulting injuries.

If you have suffered an injury related to road traffic accidents, the wrongful death of a loved one or family member, or from the negligence of a liable individual or institution, then know that the Elk Grove-based O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm is on your side and ready to defend your rights. It is our solemn mission to help you get the compensation you deserve for your suffering.


$225K Injury Ends with Reconstructive Surgery

Fatal Elder Abuse and Negligence Case

$2.5 Mil Wrongful Death Claim

$2.3 Mil Wrongful Death Case

$1.3 Mil Greyhound Bus Accident

$2.5 Mil Wrongful Death After Truck Accident

$1.4 Mil Case Against Wal-Mart

$400K Elder Abuse

$2 Mil Fatal Rear Ending by a Semi-Truck

$750K Mild TBI After Auto Accident

$180K Broad Side Car Accident Injury

$2 Mil Student Fatal Truck Accident

$550K Recovery from Contractor for Median Accident

$750K Automobile Accident

$4.5 Mil Product Liability

$2 Mil Work Site Injury

Major Car Accident Intersections & Crossroads in Elk Grove, CA

  • Calvine Rd & Elk Grove Florin Rd
  • Sheldon Rd & Waterman Rd
  • Bruceville Rd & Laguna Bl
  • Laguna Bl & Laguna Springs Dr
  • Elk Grove Blvd & Laguna Springs Dr
  • Auto Center Dr & Elk Grove Blvd
  • Franklin Blvd & Laguna Blvd
  • Bradshaw Rd & Calvine Rd
  • Bond Rd & Elk Grove Florin Rd
  • Elk Grove Blvd & Elk Grove Florin Rd
  • Elk Grove Florin Rd & Sheldon Rd
  • Bond Rd & E. Stockton Blvd
  • Bond Rd & Waterman Rd
  • Grant Line Rd & E. Stockton Blvd
  • Big Horn Blvd & Elk Grove Blvd
  • Elk Grove Blvd & Harbour Point Dr
  • Bruceville Rd & Whitelock Pkwy
  • Babson Dr & Laguna Dr
  • High Tech Ct & Laguna Blvd
  • Barrymore Dr & Calvine Rd
  • Bond Rd & Elk Crest Dr
  • Elk Grove Blvd & Emerald Oak Dr
  • Elk Grove Florin Rd & Polhemus Dr
  • Sheldon Rd & Stockton Blvd
  • Grant Line Rd & Waterman Rd
  • Elk Grove Blvd & Emerald Vista Dr & Stockton Blvd

Residential Communities We Serve in Elk Grove, CA

  • Arlington
  • Arcadian Village
  • Arthur C Butler
  • Bellaterra
  • Big Horn
  • Bilby Meadows
  • Bilby Ranch
  • Black Kite
  • Bradshaw Road-Pghs
  • Calvine Spa
  • Camden
  • Centex
  • Chesterbrook
  • Coventry
  • Cresleigh Ranch Village
  • Del Webb Glenbrooke
  • Diamante
  • East Park
  • Elan Estates
  • Elliott Ranch East
  • Emerald Vista
  • Fallbrook
  • Foxberry Glen
  • Franklin
  • Glenbrook
  • Grant Line Rd
  • Greater Sheldon
  • Hearthstone
  • Helen Carr Castello
  • Heritage Lakeside
  • Hop Ranch
  • Jasmine
  • Jungkeit Dairy
  • Laguna
  • Laguna Creek Village
  • Laguna Lake
  • Laguna New Dimensions
  • Laguna Park Village
  • Laguna Pointe
  • Laguna Riviera
  • Laguna Springs
  • Laguna Star Brockenhurst
  • Laguna Vista
  • Laguna West
  • Laguna Woods
  • Lake Point
  • Lakeside
  • Machado Dairy
  • Madeira East
  • Maritime Estates
  • Miko
  • Montage
  • Montego Falls
  • Monterey Village
  • Newton Ranch
  • North Elk Grove
  • Parkgate
  • Perry Ranch
  • Poesia Ct &Risata Way
  • Poplar Hollow
  • Quail Ranch
  • Quail Ridge
  • Rancho Verde
  • Renwick
  • Rio De Onar
  • Sheldon North
  • Shortline Lake
  • Silvergate
  • Somerfield
  • Sonoma Creek
  • Southmeadows
  • Springmont
  • Stonelake
  • Sunland Lakeshore
  • The Ridge
  • The Seasons
  • Toby Johnson
  • Tributary Pointe
  • Valley Hi Estates
  • Valley Oak
  • Van Ruiten Ranch
  • Vista Creek Village
  • W Franklin & N Laguna
  • Walnut Orchard
  • Waterman Meadow
  • Wisteria Place
  • Woodside Creek

Construction Site Injuries or Wrongful Death in Elk Grove, CA

Both nationally, and in Elk Grove, CA, the private construction industry experiences the most number of fatalities than any other industry. The most common cause of death in the construction field is from falls and trips, followed by deaths involving some form of transportation, and then collisions with equipment or falling objects. The consequences of a construction accident vary. You can find that the costs of your mounting medical bills are too much to handle. You may be in need of long-term medical treatment. You may lose time at work, which means you lose wages. Sometimes, people are unable to get back to work and may need to learn a completely new trade due to a catastrophic injury. Mental anguish can also be an important consequence and be very problematic to your future. Because there are so many different consequences of negligent construction accidents, receiving proper compensation from those at fault of your accident is important for you and your loved ones.

Construction projects in Elk Grove:

  • Aquatics Center and Commons Area
  • Emerald Park Estates
  • Elk Grove Landing
  • Bow Street Apartments
  • Landing Assisted Living
  • Vineyard at Madeira
  • Sun Grove
  • Elk Grove Mazda
  • Madeira East Village 6
  • Madeira East Business Park
  • Laguna Ridge Pappas
  • Toyota Sales Building Renovation
  • Wilton Rancheria Resort and Casino

Directions from Elk Grove, CA to Our Local Office

Driving directions: To get directions click on the "More options" button on the map.

Driving directions from downtown Elk Grove: Head south on Elk Grove Florin Road toward Southside Ave; take Melrose Ave to Elk Grove Boulevard; follow Elk Grove Boulevard and East Stockton Boulevard; the firm’s office is in Liberty Center 1 Building located on East Stockton Boulevard between Elk Grove Boulevard and Bond Road. The law office sign and building are visible from Highway 99.

Parking: There is abundant parking all around Liberty Center 1 Building.