Isleton Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys are a special breed within the legal industry.

They see the damage and unthinkable harm that comes to so many victims of all types of accidents.

The role of the personal injury attorney requires a skilled balance of incredible, real compassion for their injured clients and their loved ones while having the focus and determination to be relentless and unforgiving with the liable parties.

We at O’Brien & Zehnder, covering Isleton and surrounding areas, have developed the capacity to manage both those roles successfully and will make it our priority to bring you justice.

Types of Accident Injury Cases We Represent

We represent a wide range of clients who have suffered horrible personal injuries due to unfortunate accidents of many types, and some of the injury cases we focus on are auto accidents, truck collisions, motorcycle crashes, various types of severe injuries, wrongful death cases, and those that occur on construction sites. Our goal, no matter the type of accident that led to a client’s serious injuries, is to hold those parties accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Auto Accidents

We’ve all witnessed bad car accidents, and we just look to see how much we can tell what happened as we drive by. Just as quickly, we forget about the accident we passed and move on with our drive and our day. But when you or a loved one is the victim of a tragic auto accident that other drivers are passing, the picture takes on a whole new meaning. Bringing on an experienced legal advocate to help you through the tricky steps of filing and winning an auto accident claim will be the best decision you make.

Truck and 18-Wheeler Accident Injuries

Well, think about it, the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the collision, the bigger the chance for serious injury, right? That sounds reasonable, which is why truck and 18-wheeler accident injuries tend to be absolutely brutal in nature. Having a personal injury attorney who has the experience and the skills to handle such complex cases and deal with big insurance companies can be what gives you the positive case result you and your loved ones so desperately seek.

Motorcycle Wrecks

Let’s be honest about motorcycles and how they’re viewed by those who don’t ride them, don’t see them as a lifestyle, and certainly deem them flat-out too dangerous. Along with them, insurance companies tend to lack empathy for victims of motorcycle wrecks, as do juries and judges sometimes, so getting the proper and fair settlement for your horrible pain and suffering takes the skill and experience of a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Severe Injuries

It goes without saying that severe injuries due to tragic accidents, including catastrophic, life-changing injuries, are some of the worst we’ve witnessed or heard about in the news. They wear a family down, so nobody’s life is ever the same. Trying to handle such a complicated lawsuit without the expertise of an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney is simply misguided. Hire the right attorney to relieve your pressure and take on the case for you and your family.

Wrongful Death

As difficult as it is to really accept when a loved one is suddenly taken from us and killed in a tragic accident, holding those responsible to a maximum level of accountability for your loved one’s wrongful death is crucial to the healing and the closure process. Chooses the attorney that you feel comfortable with and trust to really care about your family’s pain and getting you the justice you deserve for your loved one.

Construction Accident Injuries

Some of the most difficult and tragic serious injury accidents are those that occur on construction sites. After all, some dedicated worker is simply doing their job, and then the next second their seriously injured through no fault of their own. Construction accident injuries can be super convoluted and include multiple potentially liable parties, so securing experienced legal counsel who knows how complex construction site accident cases work is your best next move.

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