Rancho Cordova Personal Injury Attorneys

When seeking the right legal counsel representation to manage your personal injury claim in Rancho Cordova, be sure that you’re comfortable with how they function and how they communicate with you and your loved ones.

At O’Brien & Zehnder, we have been helping victims of serious personal injuries for decades, providing the necessary closure in the form of winning settlements that hold liable parties accountable to the maximum level.

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Types of Accident Injury Cases We Represent

We feel that helping those who have suffered horrific injuries, no matter the cause, is our duty as personal injury attorneys who have taken an oath. Amongst others, we handle accident injury cases resulting from car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, construction accidents, and motorbike accidents, as well as those tragic incidents that cause death or severe injuries.

Auto Accidents

As desensitized as some people might be regarding auto accidents, since they seem to occur daily in our own communities, the reality is that way too many victims of terrifying car accidents exist. We just don’t realize how horrible it can be until it happens to us or one of our loved ones. Choose the right personal injury attorney to help you through this stressful, painful time as you try to mend physically and emotionally.

Truck and 18-Wheeler Accident Injuries

When a massive truck or 18-wheeler, weighing 25,000 lbs., collides with anything, never mind a simple car or SUV, the damage to someone’s fragile body can be and is oftentimes brutal and life-altering. Determining the fair and realistic value of you or your loved one’s complex truck accident claim can be very tricky and is better suited to be in the hands of an experienced personal injury attorney who has a case history of winning against the big, national corporations and the big insurance companies.

Motorcycle Wrecks

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries during a horrible motorcycle wreck or collision, then getting the appropriate level of compassion and sympathy can be difficult, as many people, including prosecutors, juries, and judges, have the prejudgment that you shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle, to begin with, and you knew the risks. Hiring a personal injury attorney who knows how to deflect and fight that type of common viewpoint, so that the proper settlement can be won in your case, may very well be the most important decision you ever make.

Severe Injuries

Personal injury claims, regardless of the specific accident that caused the injuries, of a severe or catastrophic nature often times are wildly complex and complicated to navigate. While you’re simply doing everything you can to rehabilitate and heal to the best of your body’s ability, let a skilled personal injury attorney take on the enormous stress of battling the big insurance company to secure you justice in the form of a winning financial settlement.

Wrongful Death

The overwhelming, anxiety-riddled days that ensue after a loved one has been killed in a tragic accident cannot be described to someone who hasn’t experienced such horror themselves. However, choosing the right personal injury attorney, who has vast experience dealing with such tragedy and knows exactly how to file a wrongful death lawsuit, will have the real capacity to provide you and your loved ones with genuine compassion, while fighting ruthlessly on your behalf to get the most money possible as justice for your loss.

Construction Accident Injuries

Look, we all feel just horrible anytime we learn of another person’s horrific injuries that were caused by an unfortunate accident, but it’s absolutely gut-wrenching to hear about someone’s life-changing injuries that occurred while they were working a tough construction job and just trying to provide for their family and make an honest living. Construction site injuries can run the gamut as to their severity. Either way, your personal injury attorney can be your saving grace when it comes to holding the potential multiple parties accountable.

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The main points you may want to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney in Rancho Cordova are your trust and comfort levels with the attorney’s process, including communication skills, their plan of attack with your particular case, and how much sincere compassion they show you and your family. We at O’Brien & Zehnder will zealously fight the big boy corporations and insurance companies to win you the settlement that serves justice. Call us now for a free consultation to see if we’re the best law firm for you.