Galt Personal Injury Attorneys

When seeking a personal injury attorney in Galt, it is important to choose the law firm that will provide you and your family with the most competent and skilled attorney to secure you a fair and winning settlement for your specific type of case.

O’Brien & Zehnder will dedicate themselves to your case, giving you 100% of their focus, loyalty, and compassion while pursuing the best payout possible.

Whether you choose to work with Mr. John O’Brien or Mr. Grant Zehnder, you will be in the experienced hands of a long-standing personal injury attorney who has won millions of dollars for his clients. If you are in need of legal help due to an injury suffered by another's negligence call today.

Types of Accident Injury Cases We Represent

Being a law firm that has decades of experience dealing with all types of accident injury cases, we represent victims of various personal injuries, such as those resulting from auto accidents, truck and 18-wheeler accidents, motorcycle wrecks, severe injuries, wrongful deaths, and construction accidents. When seeking a successful personal injury attorney, it is imperative that you choose the lawyer who will give you the best chance at a winning settlement and show you the sensitivity you and your family deserve.

Auto Accidents

Although auto accident claims are the most common claims filed, it is still crucial to secure the best legal counsel for your particular accident and injury circumstances. Car accident injuries can be as serious as any other accident claims, so the right lawyer will know how to handle your claim and finalize the proper settlement for you and your family.

Truck and 18-Wheeler Accident Injuries

Some of the most brutal accident injuries occur as a result of truck and 18-wheeler collisions. They can also be of the most complex and intricate cases to handle and navigate, so hiring a skilled and experienced personal injury who knows how to work a case and how the claims process works could be key in determining what kind of settlement you receive.

Motorcycle Wrecks

Finding a personal injury attorney who can show you the compassion you and your family deserve during what must be the most difficult of times will be one of the most serious decisions you make in your life. Motorcycle wrecks can result in some of the most horrific injuries on the road. Seeking an attorney that focuses on personal injury claims, has a history of successful cases, and who understands what your claim could be worth should be your number priority while trying to heal, both physically and emotionally.

Severe Injuries

Even though countless personal injuries occur daily, severe injuries tend to warrant the highest settlement payouts of all the claims. The severe injury claims are more likely to include a demand for the higher pain and suffering compensation numbers. When dealing with major or even catastrophic injuries, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer who has the know-how to navigate the court system and negotiate big settlements with insurance companies can make all the difference for you and your family.

Wrongful Death

As unfortunate as all personal injuries are, even if they are severe, no situation is worse than one that results in the wrongful death of a loved one. Wrongful death claims can be complex and difficult to prove, so choosing a personal injury attorney with experience with determining whether or not a wrongful death lawsuit should be filed is an important decision that may very well be the most important decision you make.

Construction Accident Injuries

While workers are just working hard and doing their jobs to the best of their ability on the many construction sites around town, sometimes the most tragic of accidents take place. Construction accidents are some of the most frightening and damaging, so securing legal counsel that will work harder than any other to win those victims the best possible settlement available for their particular injury circumstances.

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There are many personal injury options to choose from when seeking the best attorney in Galt to manage your injury case and its specific factors. O’Brien & Zehnder will fight to protect your rights, give you the compassion you and your family deserve, communicate their strategy to conquer the prosecutor, and negotiate with that prosecutor to win you the maximum settlement possible for your type of claim.