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San Rafael Drunk Driver Kills Man, Injures Another

Posted on October 06th, 2014 by Staff

A crash involving a drunk driver occurred Saturday, October 4 on northbound US Highway 101 in San Rafael, according to the CHP. Officials received a call at about 1:20 am about a possible intoxicated driver traveling in a silver 2001 Mitsubishi Montero on northbound Highway 101 in the area of North San Pedro Road.

The 30-year-old man in the SUV was driving erratically, went off the road and across the shoulder towards an embankment, swerving back onto the highway and rear-ending a red 2007 Toyota Yaris traveling just ahead of him.

The collision was so violent that both vehicles overturned on the highway before coming to a stop on their wheels.

All parties involved in the crash were transported to Marin General Hospital for treatment, but shortly after arriving at the hospital, the driver of the Toyota died. His passenger was treated for pain and a few bruises, yet no life-threatening injuries.

Identified as Osmon DeLeon of Petaluma, the driver of the SUV exhibited signs of alcohol intoxication and was arrested for felony DUI causing death and felony gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. He will be booked into Marin County Jail following medical clearance, according to the CHP.

Statistics for Car Accidents

Each year, around 10 million car accidents occur in the country and about 33,000 of them result in fatalities. Automobile accidents can be the source of severe personal injuries and significant economic and emotional loss. The consequences of an accident can vary considerably depending on the severity of the collision and the victims’ predisposition to injuries. Driver distraction is the most often reported cause of a car accident, followed by negligence and fatigue.

The Requirement for Sound Coercion

The laws in every state can differ, but they all make it a crime to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reaching or surpassing a specified level, that is currently set at 0.08. Despite the fact that progress on impaired driving has stalled since the mid-‘90s, several effective measures against impaired driving have been applied in District of Columbia and all 50 states. Measures against driving under the influence of alcohol include:

  • administrative license suspension
  • a minimum drinking age of 21
  • sobriety checkpoints
  • alcohol interlocks

Sustained and well-publicized coercion is the best way to let potential violators they will not get away with it.

Damages after a Car Accident

Compensatory damages are designed to reestablish the victim’s financial state before the car accident. These damages cover:

  • medical expenses
  • property damage
  • loss income during recovery
  • loss of future earnings
  • pain and suffering

In addition to compensatory damages, a judge or jury can award punitive damages when the defendant’s conduct is so despicable that it ought to be punished, or where it is necessary to prevent similar conduct from occurring in the future.

Contacting an Experienced Attorney and Filing Your Claim in Elk Grove, California

It is highly important to take action immediately after an accident. When considering filing an auto accident claim, you have to:

  • document the circumstances of the crash
  • take photographs of your damages, injuries and the crash scene
  • gather statements and contact details of possible witnesses
  • obtain a copy of the police report and your medical report
  • bring copies of your proof of insurance and payments

Over the years, I have represented many victims of drunk driving accidents and have recovered millions in compensation for their damages.

My staff and I have zero tolerance for drivers under the influence, and we work tirelessly to obtain just compensation for those that have suffered injuries and emotional trauma as a result of these drivers’ negligence. Call the Elk Grove-based O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm at 800.722.4176 for quality legal representation in your case.