5 Signs to Look for in Young Children After a Car Accident

Posted on 12th September, 2023

5 Signs to Look for in Young Children After a Car Accident

Nothing is more important to a parent than the well-being of their child. After a car accident, parents must be especially attentive to a child who is too young to articulate if they've been injured.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, certain signs aid in revealing whether your child has suffered injury in a car accident. Paying particular attention to these signs will help you determine whether your child needs immediate medical attention.

If any possible injury is spotted, even if they do not seem to present complications, contacting a personal injury attorney can result in receiving proper compensation for you and your child. Please note: If you've been in a car accident with your child in the car, even if you think everything is fine, make an appointment with your child's pediatrician.

At times, injuries cannot be seen, and it is always better to be extra cautious to ensure your child's health and wellness.

1. Your Child Started Vomiting for no Apparent Reason After a Car Accident

If there is no indication that your child is sick, but they begin to vomit after a car accident, it is probably due to an injury sustained in the accident.

Nausea and vomiting after a car accident are common for young children or adolescents. Most of the time, it does not mean a serious problem, the usual cause being a minor head injury. Seeking a medical opinion is highly recommended to rule out any other brain trauma or cause.

2. Restlessness & Irritability in a Child After a Car Accident Can Mean Something's Wrong

Pay attention to any drastic changes in your child's mood or if your child's sleep pattern has been noticeably altered. Your child may have suffered a traumatic injury in the accident that is not noticeable to the undiscerning eye.

Even if mood changes are not a consequence of a physical injury, emotional trauma after a car accident might mean or lead to psychological injuries, which usually require special measures. Don't hesitate to get help if you suspect something's off.

3. Excessive Crying in a Child After a Car Accident Could Be a Sign of an Injury

All babies cry. However, if your baby is crying more than usual and cannot be consoled after a car accident, he or she may be in pain due to an injury.

A young child responds to pain by crying or screaming since he does not know how else to tell you something's wrong. Even if you are used to seeing him/her cry a lot, remain watchful for changes in the pattern. Therefore, it would be wise to spend extra time with your child after an accident to notice minor behavior changes after a car accident.

4. Notice the Child's Loss of Interest or Behavior Changes After a Car Accident

Car accidents can have emotional and psychological consequences for children. This can sometimes manifest with a child's sudden and sustained loss of appetite or interest in usual activities or favorite toys.

The trauma following a car accident is usually dealt with better by children than adults. That is mainly because of their ability to refocus their attention on pleasurable activities. In cases where they do the opposite, you probably need to get special help.

5. Trust Your Parental Instincts After a Car Accident

Parents have unique intuition when it comes to the well-being of their children. Often, a parent will seek medical attention for their child if they feel that there is something "a little off" or if their child seems "not quite themselves" after a car accident.

Psychological or physical, an injury leaves marks in a child's mood or behavior. A parent knows their children the best and can sense a problem even if it's not apparent. Trust your instincts and seek medical attention if you feel something is wrong.

It Is a Parent's Duty to Get the Best Care Possible for Their Children

Being mindful of these five signs will help ensure your child gets the medical attention they need if they have been injured in a car accident. In addition, it can be helpful to notify any babysitters, daycare workers, or other caretakers of the crash.

Anyone in contact with your child throughout the day should be aware of what happened so that your child can be observed carefully and that any symptoms of a possible injury can be reported to you and your child's doctor.

A personal injury law attorney can help you get compensation for your child's suffering. For help with your case in Sacramento, Elk Grove, or surrounding areas, contact O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm today.