What to Do If You Are in a Multi-Car Accident in Elk Grove, California

Posted on 27th May, 2024

What to Do If You Are in a Multi-Car Accident in Elk Grove, California

A car accident alone can be very distressing- a multi-car collision is sure to be a source of real anxiety. Often, in the aftermath of this type of accident, multiple parties are ready to blame one another, even if there seems to be a specific cause of the accident.

One may worry about how such a collision will affect their insurance, how they can seek justice, and prove apparent negligence if it wasn't their fault. It is essential to seek an experienced and seasoned attorney to aid you in your plight at a time such as described above.

They can help navigate the legal side of things while you can focus on what is more important: your recovery. But what should you do if you are ever in a multiple-vehicle collision, also known as a pile-up? OZLaw wants to take a moment to help you prepare for such an event in this article.

We hope it can help ensure the safety and recovery of you or a loved one in case such an event ever happens.

Ensure Your Safety

Resist the urge to exit your vehicle immediately. Instead, take a moment to assess your situation. If your car is moveable, turn on your hazards and drive it to a safe area at the side of the road. Carefully check yourself and your passengers to see if anyone is injured. If anyone is injured, your first call should be for emergency services.

Call 911 and Wait for Them to Arrive

Call 911 to report the accident and request medical aid if needed. When making this call, you can inform them of the number of vehicles involved and the location of the accident. The next step may be one of the hardest: wait for the authorities to arrive at the scene.

Obviously, no one plans to be in an accident, so when one happens, it can cause a huge disturbance in your life. You may be needed at work or school, and these outside sources can cause you to want to leave sooner rather than later. However, please resist this urge. Instead, make the needed phone calls to let those know why your day has altered. Then, please take a deep breath and consider the next few steps, as they are essential for seeking justice.

Get a Police Report

When the authorities arrive at the scene, they will create a police report. This is when they will document all the cars and drivers involved, the time and location of the accident, and take statements of everyone, including witnesses, who saw the accident.

Make your statements clear to the police. Try not to worry if another party is flat-out lying. Although police officers will take each statement, they will also look closely at the scene of the accident and look for witnesses. A compiled and thorough report will clarify the finding of true negligence, even if a party continues to deny it.

Document Everything - Photos, Videos, And Witnesses

In our day and age, we all have cameras readily available on our phones. Don't be shy about taking pictures at the scene or asking witnesses if they saw the accident or have any photos. A picture can say a thousand words and mean a considerable settlement difference. In addition, cars involved in the accident or nearby could have cameras within them. Local businesses near intersections may also have recordings that captured the accident. Even homes with cameras such as Ring could have captured the accident scene. So take moments to look around and observe your surroundings.

Now, all this being said, if you really are not in a situation where you can do this, please remember that your legal advocate will be the person to really give thought to these items. If needed, they will send their own investigator to the scene to look on your behalf. However, you should call one as soon as you are able to so that things are fresh in the minds of witnesses and videos are still preserved.

Seek Medical Attention

You should seek medical attention even if you are unsure if you are injured. There have been multiple studies that show adrenaline can mask injuries. The flood of adrenaline that hits the body after a stressful situation, like being involved in an accident, can lead to suppression of pain and reduced sensitivity. Therefore, if you decide not to see a doctor directly, we want to encourage you to monitor your symptoms carefully. Pay attention if you have headaches, pain, stiffness, dizziness, increased exhaustion, and nausea.

Understandably, you will need to rest after a traumatic event, but seeing a medical professional and getting assurance that you are okay will likely result in better rest.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

At first, it may feel like you shouldn't have to tell your insurance company what happened. You may even be afraid of how they will determine the blame. However, don't let hesitations stop you from reporting it.

Many companies even allow you to do so online. That being said, if you are uneasy about speaking with insurance companies, then your next call should be to an auto accident law firm.

Call a Seasoned Car Accident Attorney

A consultation with a personal injury attorney won't cost you a dime. However, within one free consultation, you can find out your rights, the possible value of your case, and if it will add value to a higher attorney. That is correct; an experienced personal injury will only take in a case if they know it will be helpful to their clients.

Once you choose an attorney, they will inform your insurance company and all other parties involved that you now have a legal advocate. This means the insurance companies will no longer be allowed to contact you directly. Your attorney will also begin their own investigation. An additional benefit is that if your lawyer has been practicing for decades in the community, they will have connections and experience with helpful resources aiding in your recovery.