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Injuries on Go-Kart Racing Tracks in Sacramento

Posted on August 17th, 2018 by Staff

Go-kart racing is an attractive activity for those thrill-seeking individuals trying to satisfy their need for speed.

Even though everyone knows that such activity poses some risks, it does not absolve the go-kart facility from having to provide a safe environment for the participants and spectators alike.

Many go-kart hosts often ask you to sign a waiver before you can race on the track but a lot of people do not realize that these forms do not protect the company in case of an accident caused by negligence.

If you have been injured while taking part in a go-kart race, it might be possible for you to claim compensation for your injuries.

Event Organizer Responsibilities and Obligations

  • Instructing the participants prior to using a go-kart and warning them of the potential dangers
  • Providing supervision and assistance
  • Maintaining the vehicles, equipment, and track in good condition
  • Keeping the number of participants on the track at a safe level

Failure to do any of the above can be deemed as negligence and therefore, open the possibility for a personal injury lawsuit. Many park owners and race organizers use the signed waiver to discourage the victims from claiming compensation and manage to do so quite effectively, however, you need to be aware that in certain situations, they can be held liable in the case of an accident.

Also, the waiver needs to be presented in a proper format for it to be effective. For example, it needs to be easy to understand by the average person and be written in a clear, easy to see manner.

In the event that the crash was caused by a defective product, such as a badly designed go-kart, the kart manufacturer can also be held liable.

If it is found that some of the other participants on the track were acting negligently or recklessly in their driving they can also be considered to have liability in case of an accident.

Common Injuries on a Go-Kart Track

A go-kart accident can be very dangerous and often results in:

No matter how insignificant or superficial the injury might seem, it is important to seek medical assistance immediately after the accident. Sometimes the symptoms may take days or weeks to appear. Getting early treatment will significantly decrease the risk of complications and make your recovery process easier.

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Go-kart accidents often result in serious injuries that can negatively affect an individual’s life in a lot of ways. From physical pain and suffering to hospitalization expenses, to inability to work or conduct daily activities. In such circumstances, you need a personal injury lawyer to represent your interests and handle the legal side of your case, while you focus on your recovery.

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