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Sacramento Dog Bite Attorneys

Sacramento Dog Bite Attorneys

Most of us will never be faced with a frightening and horrible encounter with a dangerous dog, resulting in a vicious dog attack. However, the number of people who are unfortunate enough to experience one of the most frightening types of attacks we can imagine will stun you. Whether the dob bite and attack results in major injuries or even death, hiring an experienced Sacramento dog bit attorney is an essential immediate step to be taken, so as to ensure justice is served and the at-fault party is held financially responsible. O’Brien and Zehnder will take care of you or your loved one during this most difficult of times, because they have the extensive knowledge of how to win dog bite cases and get you the best possible settlement.

Handling a Dog Attack Lawsuit

If you’re dealing with the scary experience of you or your loved one having been bitten by a dangerous dog, then you may think that you can handle the dog attack lawsuit yourself. No matter how much you think you know are how much you think you are capable of handling such a legal case, a lawyer who has the experience and expert and educated knowledge and history of winning dog bite cases will certainly give you the best chance to achieve your preferred outcome. There are many reasons why a competent lawyer will know how to handle a dog attack case better than you, but a few reasons stand out as priorities.

What if My Neighbor’s Dog Bit My Child?

Having to even discuss such a tragedy for a young child, never mind the parents of that child, is quite difficult, but it is necessary. If your child is bitten by a neighbor’s dog, there are immediate first steps that are crucial to complete. They include calling 911, contacting the neighbor if they are not already aware, contacting animal control and then gathering as much evidence of the attack as you possibly can, considering what will most likely be a somewhat frantic state of mind. Once those steps have been completed and your mind has settled a bit, contacting an experienced dog attack and dog bite attorney in Sacramento will be one of the smartest decisions you make. Don’t think that you can manage such a case legally, as it can have twists and turns that only a knowledgeable lawyer with a dog bite case history can navigate.

Getting Medical Compensation

Let’s be honest, medical compensation is the number one initial goal when dealing with a tragic dog bite case. Achieving the best possible outcome can include various tactics. When trying to prove liability and establish who is the at-fault party, there will most definitely be push-back from the accused. An experienced dog bite attorney will know how to take the necessary steps to ensure that medical compensation is awarded at a minimum. The next step will be to go after a much more substantial financial pursuit.

Mental Pain and Suffering

Some dog bite attack cases can be tricky. Once liability has been established by the skilled attorney that you were smart enough to bring into your unfortunate circumstances, and getting the proper medical compensation is assured, your attorney will use all the dog bite laws necessary to present a strong case for extreme compensation that is fair and appropriate for the life-changing mental pain and suffering that has resulted from the tragic incident. This is truly where your attorney’s skill and experience with dog bites specifically will benefit you the most, because they will not allow the surely low-ball offer from the liable party’s insurance company or attorney to be the final result.

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Being a law firm that has the experience and law knowledge to handle and win dog bite injury cases, O’Brien & Zehnder will be the most compassionate and tenacious attorneys you will find in Sacramento. They will fight to the end for your financial rights and the rights of your loved ones, and they know how to take on insurance companies. Their settlements total over 100 million dollars for victims they’ve represented. During your free consultation, they will answer any questions you have, show you that you have a true ally during this difficult time and determine the best strategy for your particular claim. Call now for a free consultation.

Sacramento Dog Bite Attorneys