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Sacramento Construction Accident Attorneys

Sacramento Construction Accident Attorneys

Okay… you’re faced with what probably the worst and most unfortunate incident of your life, you or a loved one has been in a serious construction accident. The very first thing you will need to do is hire an attorney who is experienced in handling complex personal injury cases that may have resulted in major, life-changing injuries. John O’Brien is just the type of attorney you’re looking for and will need. He has a history of handling and getting big settlements for his clients who have suffered major injuries in a construction accident. Along with Grant Zehnder, the other partner at, who has years and years of serious injury experience, you will be in truly safe hands while you fight to get justice for you or your loved one.  Don’t take the decision to choose the best attorney to help you through such a complex case for granted. The right attorney can absolutely be the difference between winning and losing.

Difference Between Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Claims

This may seem like a no-brainer, since one involves someone injured on the job, while the other person’s injury could have occurred anywhere and under any various type of circumstance. Here’s what you may not know, though. Workers’ Compensation claimants do not have the same rights that personal injury claimants have. The main difference is huge and makes all the difference when seeking a particular level of a financial settlement. The key difference involves what is referred to as damages in a personal injury case and a workers’ compensation case. The fact to know is that an employee is not entitled to benefits for pain and suffering in a workers’ compensation claim, while a personal injury lawsuit allows for the claimant to recover all the damages that they suffered, including pain and suffering. Therefore, it is essential to choose an attorney who knows the difference, as well as the many other factors that can come into play during a major personal injury case that arose from a construction accident.

Are Construction Accident Injuries Workers’ Compensation Claims or Personal Injury Claims?

Even though this question seems easy to answer, various factors and circumstances may play a role in determining whether or not a person who is seriously injured on the job can file their lawsuit as a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim. The reality is that construction accident claims could be one or the other, depending on the specifics of the case, like whether or not a negligent third party was involved or if the injured party is an independent contractor. The bottom line is that the decision to file a personal injury claim, where damages will include pain and suffering, will be determined by the circumstances of the case, as well as your experienced and competent attorney putting you in the best possible situation to get the maximum settlement possible. It’s yet another reason why choosing the right attorney to represent you during this most awful and tragic of times may be the most important decision you ever make.

Types of Construction Accident Claims We Take

Let’s be honest… construction accident injuries involve some of the worst, most traumatic and tragic cases that exist. Handling these types of cases takes a tremendous amount of experience and patience, in order to reach the ultimate goal of both the attorney and their client. The list of construction accident claims is almost endless, including machinery mishaps, nasty trip and falls, welding tragedies, vehicle collisions and electrocution… plus much more. Some of the construction accident claims that we at O’Brien & Zehnder take result in life-changing injuries, and even death, that we take immense pride in helping our clients and their families get justice for both physically and emotionally.

Crane Accident Injuries

According to CBS13 in Sacramento, a crane collapsed at Scandia Fun Center, injuring two workers. Just like that, you or your loved one can be seriously injured in a construction accident, even though you may not be a worker. Life presents us with all sorts of challenges. Major, catastrophic accidents, like a crane falling, can change you and your family’s life forever. Dealing and battling with the construction company, the manufacturer of the crane and the monster insurance companies representing both may be the worst experience of your now damaged life. There is no doubt that the proper lawyer can make all the difference.

Scaffolding Accident Injuries

If you’re not familiar with construction sites yourself and don’t know someone who is a construction worker, you could go through your whole life never knowing that “2.3 million construction workers or 65 percent of the entire construction industry work on scaffolds at some point or another. Let’s just say that those numbers blew my mind, as I’m sure they are a total surprise to you, as well. The point is that with such a high number of construction workers placing themselves on scaffolds, it’s just basic math that tells us that there will be serious scaffolding accidents. Hiring an experienced attorney who has specifically represented victims of terrible scaffolding incidents is a flat out necessity if you or your loved one was tragically injured due to a construction mishap.

Unsafe Work Environment Injuries

We all work, right? Well… at least most of us do. An accident causing significant bodily injury can occur just about anywhere that has even a mildly unsafe work environment. When you least expect it… boom, a ladder collapsing leads to a tragic fall, unsafe electrical wiring quickly turns into an electrocution, a simple lack of a warning sign leads to a horrible slip and fall or inadequate or missing fall protection at a construction site leads to scary consequences. The brutal truth is that unsafe work environment injuries happen countless times every day in our country. It is an unfortunate reality that you or a loved may be a victim of such an accident, so during that time, nothing is more important than securing experienced and thorough legal representation to help you get the best possible financial justice from the party or parties responsible.

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As a law firm that does everything it can, due to its decades of experience with clients who have suffered horrible tragedies, to represent those who have been victims of serious personal injuries due to construction accidents, O’Brien & Zehnder are the most tenacious, relentless and compassionate attorneys offering legal services in Sacramento. They will fight to the end for your financial rights and win you the best possible compensation. Plus, they know how to deal with large construction corporations and their ruthless insurance companies. Their settlements total over 100 million dollars for victims they’ve battled for. During your free consultation, they will answer any questions you have, show you much needed and deserved compassion for your circumstances and decide the best plan of attack to win your case. Call now for a free consultation.

Sacramento Construction Accident Attorneys