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 Sacramento Catastrophic Accident Injury Attorneys

Sacramento Catastrophic Accident Injury Attorneys

Let’s deal with reality. The worst, most brutal and unfortunate incident of your life has occurred, since you or your loved one is the victim of a life-changing catastrophic accident. The very first thing you will need, even before communicating with another party involved, is to hire a lawyer who is experienced in handling complex personal injury cases that resulted in major, debilitating injuries. John O’Brien is precisely the attorney you’re looking for and will definitely need. He has a history of getting big settlements for his clients who have suffered major injuries due to a catastrophic accident. Along with Grant Zehnder, also a partner at, who has many, many years of catastrophic accident injury experience, you will be in the safest of hands while you fight to get the maximum justice for you or your loved one.  Don’t take the decision to choose the most capable attorney to help you through such a complex case for granted. The right attorney can absolutely be the difference between a monster payout and a case result that could leave you with no type of closure.

Hiring an Injury Lawyer When Facing a Complex Injury Claim

Some of you who have been involved in and are victims of horrific injuries resulting from catastrophic accidents think you could probably handle the case on your own. Maybe you think that because your injuries are so severe that they will speak for themselves, and the big corporations and the big insurance companies will simply fork over millions of dollars just because they feel so badly for you. Well… think again… then think again. You are not equipped to handle a complex catastrophic injury claim. Do you know who is? An experienced attorney with the first-hand education of dealing directly with heartless corporations and soulless insurance companies. They can navigate the treacherous terrain that is the legal system and the loopholes that insurance company’s lawyers love to find, while you focus on healing, both physically and emotionally.

Types of Catastrophic Injury Cases We Take

I know it’s morbid to discuss the various types of catastrophic case that so many unfortunate people and their loved ones have to battle through day after day, but if we don’t, then maybe you won’t get the proper legal representation you or your loved one needs right now during this most horrible of times. Let’s start by defining what a catastrophic injury actually is. It means “consequences of an injury that permanently prevent an individual from performing any gainful work.” A catastrophic injury can be the result of all sorts of accidents, injuries or illnesses, resulting in all kinds of life-altering, permanent physical debilitation. In order to hold those at fault accountable, it is crucially important to hire the best, most experienced attorney to seek and win the maximum settlement for you and your family’s future, no matter the specific type of catastrophic injury you or your loved one suffers from.

Fatal Auto Accidents

According to CBS13 in Sacramento, two teens were killed in a fiery car crash in Stockton, CA. I wish I could say that this is a rarity, but it’s not. Fatal car accidents happen every day in this country, and the only way to even try to move on as a loved one of such a victim is to hold someone responsible. There were 3,259 fatal car crashes in California alone in 2018, resulting in 3,563 deaths. If that number doesn’t scare you, then it should. This type of catastrophic injury can happen to anyone at any time. You must have the capability to take legal recourse to somehow get justice for your lost loved ones. O’Brien & Zehnder will help you get the justice your fallen loved ones deserve.

Motorcycle Crashes

Let’s be honest, motorcycle owners and drivers are morphed by the number of people owning and driving cars, but that doesn’t stop motorcyclists from being in horrific, catastrophic accidents caused by others’ negligence and recklessness. Around 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in 2018, never mind the much higher number of motorcyclists seriously and catastrophically injured in crashes. Managing a complex motorcycle case is not something just any personal injury attorney can do successfully. If you or a loved one has been catastrophically injured in a motorcycle accident, please call us to secure the most competent legal representation possible.

Wrongful Death Claims

I guess you can say that a wrongful death claim is a sad and as bad as it gets for the family and loved ones of a victim of a wrongful death. It takes a particularly skilled, experienced and caring attorney to make the proper legal decisions at the right time, as well as being sincerely compassionate to the family and loved ones who are suffering daily from their loss. A wrongful death claim is not the easiest to decipher. A wrongful death legally occurs ”when a person dies due to the legal fault of another person.” Wrongful death claims result from various types of accidents, so only a truly experienced lawyer can manage the different circumstances that may be present.

Defective Products

We know, when was the last time you heard someone was seriously injured due to a defective product? All I can tell you is that it happens more often than you would think. Products malfunction or break or shatter… and when it’s due to a manufacturer flaw or defect and results in an injury, you have the legal right to file a liability claim. Make sure you have a lawyer with extensive experience dealing with defective product liability claims and has the reputation to take on the potentially large company that manufactures the flawed product that caused you or your loved one’s injury.

Medical Malpractice

Now I think that we all know that medical malpractice is a big boy type of claim, as it involves filing a catastrophic injury or wrongful death claim against a hospital, which is always represented by a huge insurance company, as are all the doctors. Medical malpractice laws are tricky, so you have to be sure and careful when deciding how to go about your pursuit towards justice. The best way to ensure the best possible chance to win is with an attorney who is equipped to handle medical malpractice cases, varying from serious injury to death.

Fatal Truck Accidents

According to the Sacramento Bee, a fuel truck collided with a pedestrian, resulting in death. Fatal truck accidents happen way too often, but when they do, you or your loved one must have the proper representation to secure a fair and deserved payout and settlement. At O’Brien & Zehnder, we will show you and your family the necessary compassion and legal expertise to get justice for your lost loved one. Fatal truck accidents are complex and tough to win, so it is imperative that you allow a skilled and thorough attorney to take on the big corporations and their insurance company.

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