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Sacramento Car Accident Attorneys

Sacramento Car Accident Attorneys

Okay… let’s say you’ve been injured quite badly in a car accident. Let’s say you may have been the victim of a catastrophic injury during a motor vehicle accident. Let’s say a loved one has been killed in a horrible car or truck collision. What do you need to do immediately? That’s right… hire an experienced attorney who specializes in California personal injury cases. Choosing the right personal injury attorney in Sacramento can be the difference between getting real financial justice for yourself or your loved one and an outcome that leaves you without the proper closure to move forward. Don’t be careless when putting your stressful and painful case in the legal hands of just any attorney you come across. Do your homework so you can be represented by the best attorney for your specific circumstances.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento to Handle a Car Accident Injury Claim

Police respond to over six million car accidents every year. That means that nearly that many insurance claims are filed each year. Many of those claims involve personal injury, which means you need to hire the right attorney to maximize your financial compensation and navigate the twists and turns of the case. An attorney who has experience executing the necessary steps involved in winning a top settlement, whether your injuries are minor or catastrophic, will be key in determining a positive outcome. Your lawyer should be focused on proving that the other driver caused the accident, proving the accident did, in fact, cause your injuries and showing the cost of your medical care, corresponding expenses, as well as your significant pain and suffering. The number one hurdle tends to be dealing with the greedy insurance companies that fight to the end to pay as little as possible. Choose an experienced law firm that has a history of winning big settlements and beating up on the insurance companies.

Insurance Companies Don’t Like to Pay Claims

Hmm… why don’t insurance companies like to pay claims? That may be the easiest question to answer of all time. They’re greedy… so they will avoid paying at almost all costs, especially if dealing with someone who doesn’t have the experience of managing a personal injury claim. The five most common reasons insurance companies don’t pay include factors like lack of evidence, not requesting a denial explanation, not utilizing the appeals process, not contacting the state’s insurance department, etc. The one that ultimately encompasses all of these is the simple fact that you didn’t get help in the form of an attorney. The bottom line is experience. You don’t have it. O’Brien & Zehnder have it in droves, which means that the mistakes you very well may make enabling the insurance company to deny your claim and payout nothing (their favorite outcome, by the way) will be avoided completely, exponentially increasing your chances of a settlement you’ll be thrilled with.

Your Claim May Get Denied

Don’t take it personally if your personal injury claim is denied. Many are. There are steps you can take to respond and attempt to correct a denied claim, such as reading the denial language carefully, then claiming breach of contract and bad faith on the part of the insurance company. That road is quite stressful and frustrating, never mind flat out infuriating. Here’s a thought… don’t put yourself in that position to begin with; hire a personal injury attorney. The right attorney won’t give the insurance company the opportunity to play games as they will with you as an individual without legal representation. Let your attorney take on that stress for you and put the insurance company in a legal corner, forcing them to settle properly.

Reimbursement for Lost Wages

As you know, there are many potential factors involved in a personal injury claim, depending on the severity of the injury. Lost wages, including past, present and future can come into play and be legally deserved. Lost wages can include quite the list, such as base pay, bonuses and commissions, pay raises, retire fund contributions, etc. To ensure that you get all you should in the category of reimbursed lost wages, an experienced attorney is your best option, period. There is simply too much that can slip through the cracks when attempting to pursue it without competent, legal representation. Be smart; hire a Sacramento personal injury lawyer.

What if I am Permanently Disabled from the Accident?

It’s one thing to talk about basic lost wages; it’s another thing entirely when your injury leaves you permanently disabled and unable to work for those wages moving forward. Now we’re talking about a catastrophic injury. Although retaining the legal guidance of an attorney is the smart move in general, it takes on another level of necessity when dealing with a life-changing, life-debilitating injury. Of course, pain and suffering compensation will increase in the case of a permanent injury. The right personal injury attorney can make all the difference as to your financial security for decades to come.

How Long Does a Car Accident Injury Claim Take to Settle?

The simple answer is that we don’t know. Every case is different. Generally, the more severe the personal injury resulting from the car accident, the longer the settlement can take. The most contentious factor usually stems from the level of damages requested within the claim. Therefore, some settlements happen in weeks, some in months and some even take years, depending on how long medical care may be occurring or determined to be needed moving forward. Determining lost wages can be relatively quick or quite in-depth and debatable when dealing with catastrophic injury claims. The most important decision you can make is hiring an experienced and competent attorney with a track record of winning solid settlements for cases similar to yours.

Medical Records

Although you may think that medical records sound pretty straight forward, they are oftentimes of the most fought about factors in a personal injury claim, as the insurance company or hospital will claim that a pre-existing condition or injury is the cause, not what’s in the claim. Medical records are just one of the many items that can cause your car accident claim to be delayed and drag on. Like other components of your legal case, it is also why hiring the right personal injury attorney in Sacramento is key to your pursuit of a solid settlement for your unfortunate injuries.


There’s no doubt that witnesses can contribute tremendously to the success of a personal injury claim. Witnesses being deposed can take time, though, depending on the complexity of the case and the severity of the injury, as well as the individual schedules of the witnesses. However, in the case of witnesses giving significant weight to your version of the accident, it is well worth any delay. Yet, it’s another reason why it is essential to hire an attorney to manage your claim. You want to ensure that all witness testimony is being addressed for the maximum benefit.

Amount of the Claim

When looking for a quick settlement, the amount of the claim can hinder that goal. It is important to decide, with your lawyer’s guidance and experience-based legal advice, which is more important… a quick settlement or a bigger settlement. Naturally, the larger the settlement, the longer the claim will take to settle. Insurance companies aren’t simply going to fork over monies for large claim requests. They will engage you in a cat and mouse game to be sure. Again, depending on the severity of the injury, along with the claim amount request, your car accident settlement may be delayed.

Additional Information About Auto Accident Lawsuits

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Sacramento Car Accident Attorneys