Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento

Posted on 18th September, 2019 - by OZ Law

OZ LAW is a premier Personal Injury Law Firm located in Sacramento County. We have over 25 years of experience and we've won more than one hundred million dollars for our clients. Helping injury victims after an accident is what we do best. Now, there are a lot of benefits to hiring an injury attorney. However, we are often asked if we can list the top 5 reasons to hire a car accident attorney in Sacramento. So, we decided to answer the call.

Auto accidents are some of, if not the most, common types of injury cases submitted. In fact, because of the large amount of car accident claims insurance companies have divisions specifically set up to investigate vehicle crashes. With the costs of medical expenses, dealing with insurance headaches, and possibly having to take a case to court there are a plethora of things you may want help with. Here is our opinion of the best benefits of hiring an injury attorney after a car crash.

Benefits of Hiring a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney

The California Highway Patrol states that Sacramento County is hit with hundreds of accident incidents per year. According to the County Corners Office, many vehicle crashes end in tragedy. If you've lost a loved one in an auto accident you may need to file a death claim. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit and taking on an insurance company can be complicated. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney is having a lawyer looking out for your rights. Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons to hire a car accident attorney in Sacramento.

Fighting for the maximum amount of financial compensation

Before we go into the remaining 4 reasons we believe hiring an injury attorney is beneficial, let's address the "elephant in the room" first. After an accident injury, you may have lots of medical expenses. It's just hospital bills or surgery costs. Severe injuries may require physical therapy and rehab. Sometimes it can take months to years to fully recover. Even worse, some injuries cause permanent disabilities

In addition to medical costs, if you're too hurt to work you may have a loss of income. Combining that with not being able to get around and depending upon loved ones for care can cause you lots of anxiety and stress. However, there is hope. Hiring an injury attorney gives you a legal leg up. Fighting for the maximum amount of financial compensation you deserve is our job. We've won over one hundred million dollars for our clients.

Handling your injury claim and dealing with insurance companies

Many people purchase insurance believing that it acts as a safety blanket. Rightfully so, because that's how insurance sales reps pitch it to us. We pay our monthly policy payment so that if and when an accident occurs we are covered. Sadly, this is not the case. Most insurance companies run for the hills when they receive requests for money. Hiring an injury lawyer may take a lot of stress off of your plate. Handling your injury claim and dealing with insurance companies is another added benefit of hiring an injury attorney.

Time to heal and recover from your injuries

Car accidents can cause major injuries. Sometimes injuries are so severe that they take months, even years, to recover from. If you've been hurt in an accident you need time to heal and recover from your injuries. Dealing with legal paperwork and fighting an insurance company to pay you is a major headache. Out of the top 5 reasons to hire a car accident attorney in Sacramento this one may be the most beneficial for peace of mind.

Understanding car accident injury laws in the state of California

California has different laws pertaining to accident lawsuits. In fact, many states vary in terms of how they handle injury claims. In addition to state laws, different insurance companies and policies also have clauses. An attorney can help provide an understanding of car accident injury laws in the state of California.

The more you know about your case the less anxiety you may have. This is one reason why we believe in having open and clear communication with our clients. At any time if you have a question or concern about your car accident injury claim you can talk with us. We've helped accident victims throughout Sacramento County for over 25 years.

Zero upfront costs or out of pocket expenses

Lastly, being able to hire a lawyer with zero upfront costs or out of pocket expenses is a huge benefit. According to, attorneys charge a few hundred dollars an hour. NOLO, a leading legal information website, states that there are multiple steps to filing an injury lawsuit. This means that theoretically, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to hire an attorney.

However, most injury lawyers take cases on a "contingency fee" basis. This means you don't have to pay a penny upfront. Our law firm has won well over $100,000,000.00 for accident injury victims. We NEVER charge clients upfront money for car accident injury cases. In fact, we offer a FREE consultation just so that accident victims can ask questions without costing them a single dollar. Click here to schedule an injury consultation now.

Best Car Accident Injury Attorneys in Sacramento

If you've stumbled upon our website because you're searching for the best car accident injury attorneys in Sacramento we're here to help. First off, we need to let you know that there is no such thing as the best lawyer. What we believe is most important is for you to hire an attorney you trust and have confidence in. Getting paid after a car accident injury is important. Medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering, deserve compensation. So, who do you turn to and how do you hire an attorney?

Simple, you do your homework. One great way of determining which attorney to trust with your injury claim is to read online lawyer bios. John O'Brien holds a perfect 10 out of 10 AVVO rating. In addition, Mr. O'Brien has nearly three decades of documented success winning large injury cases. Grant Zehnder has been recognized by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star. Here are some additional things to consider when selecting a lawyer.

Things to consider when hiring a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney

In addition to reading attorney bios, there are additional things to consider when hiring a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney. We already touched on attorney bios. Websites like AVVO and Super Lawyers provide insight into an attorney's career. While learning about a lawyer's legal background is vital, there are other things you may want to find out prior to retaining an attorney. Here is our list of the top 3 things to consider when hiring an injury attorney.

Legal background and attorney biographies

Like we already mentioned reading an attorney's bio can be super helpful. Just make sure to visit a trusted website. Martindale Hubbell is a very known site, and there are many others as well, that provide verified information about attorneys. Not only can a lawyer's biography provide valuable personal data, but these bios usually contain peer reviews. Peer reviews are testimonials from other lawyers. These should carry more weight than a regular review.

Online reviews and client testimonials

Reading online reviews and client testimonials is also a great idea. Just like you, clients who leave reviews were at one-time accident victims. By reading what they have to say about an attorney can give insight into their experiences with a particular lawyer. Our law firm has glowing reviews and our video testimonial page proves it. Click here to check out what our clients have to say about our legal representation.

Communication and trustworthiness of an attorney

If you're looking to file an injury lawsuit you know you are in for a battle. Insurance companies don't roll over and die when they get sued. They put up a fight. This means you will be spending a lot of time with the lawyer you retain. The communication and trustworthiness of an attorney are two staples you must have with your lawyer. We believe we get a gold star on both topics.

First off, we believe in open and clear communication. Not only do our clients have direct access to our Sacramento Injury Attorneys, but our legal staff is also available to answer questions. We keep our clients informed every step of the way. Second, we love Sacramento County. From donating money to charities to spending time with local sports teams and our youth, we care about our community.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento

So, we've identified the top 5 reasons to hire a car accident attorney in Sacramento. We also touched on 3 things to consider when hiring a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney. Above everything else, we hope that you now know you have legal options. Getting hurt flat our sucks. However, if you've been injured in a car crash we can help. Call us at (916) 714-8200 to schedule a free consultation. If you need after-hours assistance click here to fill out our 24 Hour contact form.