Personal Injury Attorneys in Elk Grove and Sacramento County

Posted on 15th October, 2019

Personal Injury Attorneys in Elk Grove and Sacramento County

Sacramento County is home to nearly 1.5 million people. When you have lots of people living in a small geographical area, space gets tight. Now, we love our community. If you follow our law firm, then you know we are very hands-on with events and charities in Sacramento County. So, we're not complaining about the population or the citizens that we call friends and family. Nevertheless, our community has grown, and at a very rapid pace. This means more accidents. It's simple math: the more people, more drivers, and more construction increases the chance of an accident occurring. John O'Brien and Grant Zehnder are two award-winning Personal Injury Attorneys in Elk Grove and Sacramento County, they can help you and your family after an accident.

Our law firm has been fighting for the financial rights of accident victims for over 25 years. There are a lot of personal injury attorneys in Sacramento County, not all of them however have the track record of O'Brien & Zehnder. We've won well over 250 million dollars for our clients. In addition, we've tackled some very complex injury cases, and we've successfully obtained large settlements. Injuries will happen, and when they do, you have rights. We help protect those rights as we fight for your financial interests.

Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys in Elk Grove and Sacramento County

If you've stumbled across this article because you're searching for an injury lawyer, we can help. Our law firm has been assisting injury victims for nearly 30 years, and we always offer a free consultation. We know that after an accident, most people have multiple questions and a heightened sense of anxiety. John O'Brien and Grant Zehnder are not just injury attorneys; they are injury advocates, and they believe in doing right by accident victims. This is why they always provide extensive and thorough consultations. John and Grant are two top-rated personal injury attorneys in Sacramento. Mr. O'Brien holds a perfect 10 AVVO, and Mr. Zehnder has been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers.

So, who is the best injury attorney in Sacramento County? Well, for starters, there is no such thing as the best lawyer or attorney. What's most important is to hire an attorney you trust and have confidence in. John and Grant care about the community of Sacramento County. Our law firm donates time, money, and assistance to local schools, youth sports teams, and charities. Accidents can and will happen, and when they do, you may need an attorney to fight for your financial rights. Here are our top 10 reasons to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento County

Most people who get into an accident need some form of financial assistance. Whether it's related to rental car coverage and auto repair bills, reimbursement for medical expenses, or monetary support for lost wages, injuries cost money. In fact, according to the Economic Policy Institute, injuries cost United States taxpayers $250 BILLION dollars per year. Yes, billions, not millions. Think about that for a second. Making matters worse is the fact that hospital expenses and recovery bills can crush a victim's savings. Per Best Lawyers, accidents average $57,000.00 for a hospital stay. Do you have an extra $57,000.00 to lose because someone else hurt you?

If you're reading this and you're thinking, "Hey, an insurance company will cover these costs," you need to think again. That's what insurance companies lead you to believe with their commercials and their sales pitches. The truth, however, is far different. Injuries are extremely expensive. Insurance companies make money by collecting premium payments, not by paying out on injury claims. To make matters worse, insurance companies lose over $40 BILLION, yes again, the "B" word, yearly due to fraud. This means legitimate injury victims will have their claims scrutinized and even denied. So, what can you do to protect yourself? For starters, you can retain an injury lawyer. Here are our top 5 reasons to hire a personal injury attorney in Elk Grove and Sacramento County.

Car accident claims get scrutinized by insurance adjusters

There are a lot of drivers on the road in Sacramento County. Needless to say, our roads and highways get congested quickly. In fact, Sacramento has a higher than average amount of fatal auto accidents compared to the California average. It's not just vehicle crashes that have spiked, either. Slip and fall injuries and even dog bites have risen as new families come to town and the population grows. If you add up the cost of auto repair bills, rental car coverage, medical and physical therapy expenses, and reimbursement for lost wages, you can quickly see how car crashes can cost billions of dollars.

So, what does this mean? Car accident claims get scrutinized by insurance adjusters. Even legitimate injury claims get denied daily. Hiring an injury attorney may help you when filing an auto accident injury claim. Our personal injury attorneys in Elk Grove know the legal system in Sacramento County. We know how to work with insurance companies and how to represent your claim and manage your case.

Confusing contracts and lots of paperwork from the insurance company

After an accident, you want time to heal and recover. You won't want to deal with confusing contracts and lots of paperwork from the insurance company. Injuries are painful, and if you're on pain medication, you can't focus on convoluted policy addendums that are designed to benefit the insurance company, not you. Hiring an injury attorney allows you the peace of mind to rest and recover. Mr. O'Brien and Mr. Zehnder act on your behalf; they represent your claim, and they fight to get you paid. This means you don't have to worry about legal paperwork with the insurance company, they will handle everything for you.

Denied Injury Accident Claim

When we sign up for insurance, we do so well to "ensure" we have help when something unexpected happens. However, time and time again, insurance companies leave their clients hanging. So, is insurance even worth it? Anyone who's sat down to play Black Jack knows well that when the dealer holds two cards face down and asks if you want "insurance," you're about to get hosed at the table. Now, this article is NOT about whether insurance is good or bad, and we're NOT here to discuss the benefits of insurance. However, we ARE here to talk about the top 5 reasons to hire a personal injury attorney in Sacramento. One BIG reason we believe you may want to hire a lawyer is for denied injury accident claims.

In order for you to win, you need to be able to prove fault. In addition, if you have injuries, you need to prove that they were caused by the accident. Hiring an injury attorney may be extremely beneficial when handling a denied claim. Furthermore, we believe that if you retain a personal injury attorney before submitting a claim to an insurance company, it may increase your chances of a positive outcome. An injury lawyer can help build and document your case so that it may not get denied to begin with.

Not settling for less money

Insurance companies try to wiggle out of paying claims. While insurance firms will use confusing contracts, convoluted paperwork, and even high-powered attorneys to protect their interests, they also use settlement tactics. Insurance underwriters and adjusters also work with risk analysts. What this means is that sometimes, the best way out of a big claim is to pay money. However, insurance companies are notorious for lowball offers. Hiring an injury attorney may give you the edge you need to fight for the maximum amount of financial compensation.

John O'Brien and Grant Zehnder know how to fight to get injury victims paid. You want to get paid what you deserve; we believe in not settling for less money just because an insurance company makes an offer.

Some injury claims are more complex than others

Hiring an injury lawyer may be necessary when dealing with complicated claims. Some injury claims are more complex than others. When insurance companies see ways to wiggle out of paying, they take them. Our job as an injury law firm is to protect the rights of accident victims. This is especially important when you're dealing with an injury claim that has issues with it. As an example, let's take a look at a recent car crash that could potentially lead to a complex injury claim. A local Sacramento Police Officer was injured in an auto accident during a high-speed chase. The victim may need to sue an insurance company, the suspect they were pursuing, a possible second driver, and may even need to file a worker's compensation claim.

There are a lot of personal injury attorneys in Sacramento, but not all of them have handled complex cases. Our law firm has, and for over 25 years, we've successfully recovered over 250 million dollars for our clients.

Other Benefits of Hiring a Sacramento County Injury Attorney After an Accident

Now that we've discussed our top 5 reasons to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Elk Grove and Sacramento County, let's discuss additional benefits. First and foremost, hiring an attorney can provide you with "potential benefits," meaning that no lawyer can guarantee results. However, after being in business for over 25 years, we've seen our handful of injury cases. Some claims go smoothly and settle without an issue. Other claims turn into full-blow lawsuits and require us to go to court. Whether you have a simple auto accident injury claim or a complex catastrophic injury case, we can help fight for your rights. Here are some other benefits of hiring a Sacramento County injury attorney after an accident.

Fighting for Lost Wages After an Injury

If you're too hurt to work, you probably won't be getting a paycheck. Just because you're hurt doesn't mean your bills stop coming. Your rent or mortgage, auto payments, food, and support for your children all require MONEY. Fighting for lost wages after an injury is very important. You, your family, and your children NEED financial support. Contact one of our Elk Grove Personal Injury Attorneys today to discuss your legal options after sustaining an injury.

Handling Large Injury Settlement Claims

If you've read through this article, then you know we've identified multiple reasons why insurance companies fight paying claims. At the end of the day, everything tends to revolve around money. It's sad to say, but it's the truth. Whether it's a loophole within the insurance policy contract or a lack of medical evidence supporting an injury, insurance firms seem to take every advantage they get to not pay a claim. However, when a claim climbs into the seven figures and beyond, insurance companies get even tighter with their wallets. Handling large injury settlement claims is something we do very well. In fact, we've won well over $250,000,000.00 for our clients.

Getting an Injury Claim Settled Quickly

Now, our website (and this article as well) is not intended to be taken as legal advice. Instead, our website and our articles help us inform injury victims that we are here to help. One big thing we believe we can help with is getting an injury claim settled quickly. When you're filing an injury claim with an insurance company, they have adjusters, underwriters, and attorneys who review the claim. This means the insurance firm has licensed professionals analyzing your case, all in an effort to protect the position of the insurance company. Hiring your own injury lawyer, we believe, shows the insurance company that you are serious.

Our opinion is that when a personal injury attorney represents you, an insurance company is less likely to try and push you around. While retaining an attorney cannot guarantee a settlement or payout, we still believe it significantly increases your chances of financial recovery. Call us today at (916) 714-8200 to discuss a potential case.

Reviews of Personal Injury Attorneys in Sacramento County

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident and you're ready to hire an attorney, we can help. Now, before you decide to retain us, or any injury lawyer for that matter, you may want to do your homework. While no injury lawyer is the best, it doesn't mean that some attorneys aren't better for you and your specific case. One way to determine which lawyer to retain is to take a look at reviews of personal injury attorneys in Sacramento County. How can you do this? Very simply, by checking out review boards like AVVO, Super Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell.

John O'Brien and Grant Zehnder have won numerous awards. Both lawyers are trial-tested injury litigators. Our law firm isn't afraid to go "toe to toe" with billion-dollar insurance firms or large corporations. In addition, we have glowing client reviews and video testimonials that you can view on our website.

Sacramento County Personal Injury Attorney John O'Brien

Elk Grove Personal Injury Attorney John O'Brien has been fighting for injury victims for nearly 30 years. Mr. O'Brien is a graduate of the USC School of Law. He holds a perfect 10 AVVO rating and has been awarded the level of AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell. The AV rating is the highest awarded level to a civil injury trial lawyer via Martindale and In addition to his numerous accolades and accomplishments, Mr. O'Brien donates a significant amount of time, money, and resources to the Sacramento County community. Most recently, our law firm donated and participated in the Gold Rush Golf Classic which raises money for at-risk and at-need children.

Sacramento County Injury Lawyer and Rising Star Grant Zehnder

Grant Zehnder was recently made partner and was recognized by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star. Grant, too, holds a perfect 10 AVVO rating and is a tenacious litigation attorney. He was selected to the McGeorge chapters of the Traynor Honor Society and the Order of the Coif for his academic excellence. Grant cares about injury victims and their rights, and he fights to ensure that innocent accident victims aren't taken advantage of by big insurance companies.

O'Brien & Zehnder Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento, CA

In this article, we talked about personal injury attorneys in Sacramento and what they can do to help you after an accident. We identified our top 5 reasons to hire a personal injury attorney in Sacramento. We also touched on the additional benefits of hiring an injury lawyer. Finally, we talked about injury reviews and how a potential client could research testimonials from other accident victims. In closing, we want to thank you for visiting our website. The O'Brien & Zehnder Personal Injury Law Firm in Sacramento, CA, is always here for you if you need us.