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What to Expect and Bring with You for Your Consult

Have you already called our Elk Grove office and set up a free consultation?

Do you feel a little apprehensive about the idea of speaking to an attorney?

Rest assured knowing that there is nothing to worry about!

We want you to feel comfortable when you come to our office. With this page, we hope to assist you in preparing for your consultation.

What Can You Expect?

Our goal is to help you understand your legal rights and what options are available to allow you to recover full compensation for your injuries. During your consultation, we will get to know each other. As we strive to learn about you and the circumstances you are facing, you will learn more about us and how we intend to resolve the issues you are facing. During this meeting feel free to ask us questions or voice any concerns that you may have.

Discuss the Details of Your Case In A Comfortable, Confidential Environment

We believe you should feel comfortable with the attorney you hire to be your advocate. You should leave your consultation feeling confident that your lawyer has the ability to protect your interests and will be responsive to your specific needs. We do just that.

We will take the time to explain the legal process. We want you to know what to expect and what steps will need to be taken. As your legal counsel, we will educate you about the law, how it applies to your circumstances, and what our strategy will be in moving forward with your case.

On the Day of Your Consultation

One of the first things that you can expect when coming into our Elk Grove office is a warm welcome from our receptionist. You will likely be asked if you would like a cup of coffee, tea, or glass of water. As you take a moment to relax you will be handed a “Confidential Client Questionnaire” to fill out to the best of your ability. This form will be the first of many that will be added to your case file. Questions asked on this form will touch on topics such as:

  • Personal identification information (Name, Driver’s license, Birth Date, etc.)
  • Accident information (Location/Time/Automobile Insurance Information/Police Report Information)
  • Basic employment information (If applicable)
  • Basic medical insurance information
  • A list of health care providers you have seen since your injury

What Can You Bring to Your Consult?

Whether you were injured a few days ago or months ago you will likely have paperwork piling up and may not be sure how much of it to carry into our office. There is no need to be shy about bringing in any and all documentation relating to your claim. The more documentation you provide at the outset, the easier the process will be. But whether it is a few documents or a full banker's box, we will pour through each piece of paper to ensure nothing relevant to your case is overlooked.

Here are some key items to bring if you have them in your possession:

  • Your driver's license or identification card
  • Your automobile insurance information, including the Declarations Page
  • Your medical insurance card, including Medi-Cal and/or Medicare cards
  • Traffic Collision Report or report number (if applicable)
  • Name and contact information of any witnesses
  • Any and all medical bills pertaining to your injuries, as well as Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) forms sent from your health insurer
  • Photographs of any vehicle or property damage
  • Photographs of the scene or any parties or person involved in the incident
  • Photographs of your injuries and recovery
  • If applicable, information relating to the party that is paying for your medical bill
  • Name and identifying information of the party or parties responsible for your injuries
  • Name and contact information of any witnesses

Good Communication is Always Encouraged

At the Elk Grove-based O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm, we have helped many people obtain just compensation for injuries suffered due to the negligence of others. We are experienced, trustworthy, and have the resources necessary to handle all types of personal injury cases. We encourage good communication and will make sure you are updated with the status of your case as we navigate the legal process on your behalf. You can always feel free to contact our office if you ever have questions or concerns and we will be more than happy to assist you.