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Fatal Car Accident Kills Two People in Elk Grove

According to CBS 13 News out of Sacramento, a fatal car accident has taken the lives of two people in Elk Grove. The accident took place on Interstate 5 a little after 9:00pm. Southbound lane traffic was stopped due to another vehicle-related crash. Per CHP, the driver of a sedan failed to stop and smashed into the back of a commercial truck at nearly 70 miles per hour, killing both the driver and passenger instantly. First, our law firm extends our condolences to the victim’s families. We recently published an article about holiday traffic and an increase in accidents. While this time of the year is supposed to bring joy, too often it brings with it tragic auto accidents. Contact an Elk Grove car accident attorney if you’ve been hurt in a crash.

Every year the California Highway Patrol urges people to not drink and drive during the holiday season. While you should never drink and drive, especially with rideshare resources like Uber and Lyft, the holiday presents an even increased danger. The winter months, especially here in Sacramento County, are wet and icy. Cold weather freezes roads. Snow and wind can cause all sorts of travel issues. Adding fuel to the fire is an increase in traffic. From busy shoppers to visiting family, our roads get congested. Car accident lawyers in Sacramento may be able to help you if you do end up in a wreck this winter. Call us at (916) 714-8200 to schedule a free consultation.

Car Accident Attorneys in Elk Grove, CA 

John O’Brien and Grant Zehnder car accident attorneys in Elk Grove, CA with proven track records. Mr. O’Brien has had a historic, tenured career, and holds a perfect 10 Avvo rating. Mr. Zehnder is a tactical and tough as nails litigation lawyer. Grant too holds a perfect 10 Avvo rating. In addition, Mr. Zehnder has been recognized by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star. We believe that hiring an aggressive and experienced injury lawyer is vital when fighting an insurance company over auto accident claims. Insurance firms do everything in their power to wiggle out of paying car crash claims. So, what can you do if you’re facing expenses after an injury caused by someone else?

Simple, reach out to car accident attorneys in Elk Grove, CA. While no lawyer can promise or guarantee a specific result, an attorney may be able to provide an estimate. John and Grant will meet with you to discuss your case. Our law firm will analyze your accident and we may be able to calculate a theoretical estimate of a potential case value. Call our Elk Grove injury lawyers at (916) 714-8200 right away if you’ve been hurt in a car crash. Here are some of the types of auto accident cases we represent.

Severe Car Accident Injuries 

Sometimes auto accident end in fender benders with no injuries. Other times they can turn tragic. If you’ve sustained severe car accident injuries give us a call. According to Best Lawyers, hospital expenses related to car crash injuries can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you, or a loved one, are facing major injuries you may see your medical bills climb into the seven-figure range. Contact our law firm right away if you’re ready to fight to get paid after an auto accident. We’ve helped injury victims win well over one hundred million dollars. Click here to check out some of our settlement and injury lawsuit victories.

Uber Accident Lawsuit Attorneys in Elk Grove, CA

John and Grant are experienced Uber accident lawsuit attorneys in Elk Grove, CA. With an increase in rideshare popularity, a new area of injury law has begun to emerge. Filing an auto accident injury claim after a standard crash is hard enough. Taking on a major corporation like Uber is even harder. These types of cases are difficult and present issues with trying to determine fault. If you’ve been hurt in an Uber accident please contact us right away.

Lyft and Rideshare Accidents 

In addition to handling Uber accident lawsuits, we also handle Lyft and rideshare accidents. As mentioned above with Uber injury claims, filing a lawsuit against a rideshare company isn’t easy. Thankfully, our Elk Grove personal injury attorneys have over 30 plus years of experience. Our law firm has won over one hundred million dollars for accident victims, and we’ve handled lots of complex cases. Call us to discuss a rideshare accident injury case today.

Sacramento County Fatal Car Crash Attorneys

No one wants to require the legal assistance of Sacramento County fatal car crash attorneys. Sadly, you and your family may need to investigate the possibility of filing a wrongful death lawsuit after losing a loved one in an auto accident. If a family member or friend has passed away due to being hit by a drunk driver, or a driver who was negligent, you may need to file a lawsuit. While no amount of money can ease the pain of losing a loved one, getting a financial settlement may help your loved one’s immediate family. Especially if they are leaving behind young children. Call us to schedule a free wrongful death consultation with Mr. O’Brien or Mr. Zehnder.

Elk Grove Car Crash Attorney Reviews 

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, and you’ve made up your find to retain a law firm, you may want to check out client testimonials. Hiring an injury lawyer may be a great idea after an accident. However, we suggest reading Elk Grove car crash attorney reviews before you select a specific law firm. Click here to check out our client reviews video library. We have glowing five star-reviews on Google and on Yelp as well. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, we can help. Call us at (916) 714-8200, or if you need after-hours help, click here to access our 24-hour client contact form.