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Part of the Elk Grove ans Sacramento Community

Part of the Elk Grove ans Sacramento Community

At the O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm, we believe in making an impact both inside and out of the courtroom. Giving back is a fundamental part of our firm’s legacy and is about understanding we can make a difference within the community. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to serving the community by participating in nonprofit and professional organizations in Elk Grove and Sacramento. John M. O'Brien has also been exercising educational influence through TV appearances, explaining where the law stands on important personal injury issues. From attorney to paralegal, our employees form an extensive network of volunteers, giving their time and resources to the causes they are most passionate about.

Elk Grove Run 4 Hunger

run4hunger The O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm had the honor of participating as sponsors and runners in the thirteenth annual Elk Grove Run 4 Hunger. All donated funds went directly to combat and raise awareness of local hunger. Our support provides food, clothing, education and a “serving of hope” to many individuals who turn to Elk Grove Food Bank Services for help. Read more >>

Legal team running
Elk Grove run 4 hunger
Elk Grove run 4 hunger
Sponsors and runners

PGHS Robotics

PGHS Robotics The O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm is sponsoring Pleasant Grove High School’s Robotics team which participated at the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Program. PGHS Robotics members learn to become innovative, creative, problem-solving individuals.

Pleasant Grove High School Women's Varsity Golf Team

PGHS Girls Golf 2017 We proudly supported the Pleasant Grove High School Women's Varsity Golf Team in Elk Grove, CA. We were thrilled to see the girls wore their new uniforms for the first time. They were all excited to see the cool gear and the logos, that turned out awesome, and they had some "Thank you" posters to show their appreciation. Go, girls!

John M. O'Brien Video Interview for ABC10's Late News Tonight

John M. O'Brien's video interview John M. O’Brien sat down with ABC10's "Late News Tonight" to offer insight on the major challenges facing injured individuals today. Our expert personal injury lawyer explained where the law stands on the issue of club owners responsibilities when it comes to patron safety at their games. Watch full clip >>

The "Masters of Giving": A Unique Golf Tournament Benefiting Charities

The masters of giving In support of local charities, the "Masters of Giving" golf tournament was conceived in 2006 by a group of Sacramento businessmen, in order to fulfill their passion for giving something special back to their communities. Since the beginning, the members have endeavored to make life different for those in need and to assist with specific charities that are in need of additional support. For the 2014 tournament, contributions were made to Okizu and Saint John's Program for Real Change.

The committee was comprised of the following members:

  • Steven A. Jones (Leavitt Group)
  • Megan Vincent (Pacific Coast Building Products)
  • Gregory N. Patton (5 Star Bank)
  • John M. O'Brien (Elk Grove-based the O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm)
  • Greg Re (Wells Fargo Commercial Banking)
  • Mark A. Niebuhr (Leavitt Group)

Another campaign that gives back something special to the community is Environmental Litigation Group P.C.'s kindness campaign. Environmental Litigation Group P.C. provides legal representation for people who have developed different forms of cancer after professional exposure to asbestos. In support of people on a cancer journey, the group invites everyone to participate in the kindness campaign by offering or sponsoring gift baskets which contain fresh produce, vitamins, or useful items.

Home Dedication for the Nguyen Family

Nguyen family home On the left, the invitation for the Home Dedication of the Nguyen Family's Home, which John O'Brien (and others) helped sponsor.

This house, built in 2012, additionally, later received Platinum LEED Certification from the United States Green Building Council, which is the highest LEED certification that can be achieved.

Khanh, his wife Tammy, and his two daughters Giang and Jenny are from Vietnam.

Khanh's father was a high official for the anti-communist South Vietnamese forces in the Vietnam War, and when the war ended, he was imprisoned by the Communist Vietnamese government for his anti-communist stance and his association with the United States. Khanh's father would spend ten years as a political prisoner inside a Vietnamese jail until he was finally released and offered citizenship in the United States.

"Today I am very very happy, but another person is happier than me..that is my father... He wanted to say something to you through my daughter."

"Through the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity my son has been given a huge opportunity to achieve his American dream - that is to own a house. I'm really touched by the contribution of everyone to the project."

Khanh attended the University in Vietnam, but due to his father's history he and his family were targeted as anti-communist and restricted from ever working a government job. Khanh was able to make a successful living working as a Sales Manager for Procter & Gamble, but though he and his family had a comfortable life and owned their own home, Khanh worried about the future of his children.

In 2009, the Nguyen family, sponsored by Khanh's father, moved to the United States. Khanh reflected on his decision to uproot his family, saying, "When we moved, we gave up everything and had to start from scratch. We had never had to think about renting or living in an apartment before, but it's something that became a reality when we moved here".

Khanh now works at McDonald's along with his oldest daughter Giang. His wife Tammy works at a nail salon. When asked why they would leave their comfortable life in Vietnam to start over here in the United States, Khanh said simply, "My children are my future. In Vietnam, they wouldn't have had the opportunity they will have here. This country, this home, this is a foundation for growth".

The Nguyen family lived in a cramped two bedroom apartment. Khanh found out about Habitat while reading an article titled, "Volunteer Vacation" in his ESL class. At first, he didn't think that an organization like this could exist, but when he went to the world wide web, Google proved him differently. After initially being denied due to their income, their oldest daughter, Giang, decided to participate in helping her family with the mortgage once they move in. With Giang's income included, the Nguyen family was able to qualify for the program.

All four of the Nguyen family participated in the 500 hours of sweat equity, including their youngest daughter Jenny, who was still in high school. Since getting accepted into the program , the Nguyen family had already put in well over 300 hours of sweat equity. Jenny, their youngest daughter, remarked that though putting in sweat equity is "hard work," she enjoys being able to contribute to making their "American dream come true."

The Nguyen family is an amazing example of the incredibly hard-working and dedicated families that this program is serving. Khanh said it best when he said, "Habitat doesn't only bring homes for people, it gives people the opportunity to work for their dreams and to become responsible for them. It makes people understand humanity."

The Nguyen family moved into their brand new LEED Platinum-Certified 3-bedroom home on Sacramento 32nd Street on June 23rd, 2012.

The Story in Pictures

First steps: The construction begins in Oct.-Nov. 2011. The whole family gives a hand of help. All four of the Nguyen's participated in the 500 hours of sweat equity and the results are visible.

House construction
The Daughter Work
Family Help
Visibile results

Ecological equipment - Solar PV Cool Roof was used in order to reduce the costs. The final result: a great house and a happy family. From Left to Right: Daughter Giang Nguyen (21), Mother Tammy Nguyen, Father Khanh Nguyen, and Daughter Jenny Nguyen (16).

Solar PV cool roof
Completed home
At the end of construction
Whole Happy Family

The big event: Nguyen Family's Dedication Day - 2012-06-23

Home Dedication Day
The team and the family

Sacramento St. Francis High School Program

St. Francis high school program "We think highly of St. Francis High School's effort in educating our children both academically and spiritually, and we are thrilled to be part of this new exciting partnership.

We believe by giving back to the community, with our time and money we can help talented young women develop a successful legal career and support their communities." - John M. O'Brien Read more >>

Jesuit PACE Event

Jesuit PACEThe O'Brien & Zehnder Law Firm supported Sacramento's Jesuit High School on the annual PACE Gala & Auction. This fundraising auction is destined to help keep tuition affordable at Jesuit.

"I'm glad that we could help. I think providing a solid Christian education to our children is very important." - John M. O'Brien. Read more >>