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Auto Accidents Involving Commercial Cars and Trucks

According to Channel 13 CBS News police are still instigating a crash caused by a police pursuit in Stockton. Over the last two decades there have been mixed feelings about police pursuits and the dangers of high-speed car chases. While authorities do their best to keep us all safe, and we depend upon our police to keep crime down, there’s still a risk with pursuing criminals in neighborhoods. Auto accidents involving commercial cars and trucks happen, and when they do, too often they turn fatal.

USA Today reported that thousands of people have died due to high-speed police chases. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial car, 18-Wheeler, or large truck please call our law firm. John O’Brien and Grant Zehnder are trial-tested Sacramento Personal Injury Attorneys. We service Sacramento, Elk Grove, and all of Sacramento County. An accident involving commercial vehicles, such as UPS or FedEx Trucks, United States Postal Service Vehicles, or Commercial Big Rigs can create complex injury ligation issues. However, OZ LAW knows how to handle these types of cases.

Large Injury Settlement Attorneys and Complex Accident Cases 

Large injury settlement attorneys and complex accident cases are synonymous with each other. In a typical car crash there are two cars involved. One person is usually at fault, and most of the time, it’s obvious who caused the crash. We document the injuries, file the claim, and work toward a settlement. However, when a wreck involves commercial vehicles we’re not just negotiating with an insurance firm, we are now dealing with a large corporation or the government.

National Grocery Store chains like Kroger and Albertsons have lots of money to fight cases. If you get hit by one of their big rigs, you may have to sue them and a trucking company like J.B. Hunt. Who, once again, is a very large company with lots of financial backing to argue an injury claim. FedEx Trucks, UPS Trucks, and United States Mail Trucks also cause crashes. In July Fox News reported a tragic story about a major fatal accident involving a FedEx Truck. Accidents like these typically require complex, very complicated litigation battles. Our law firm has decades of success handling these types of lawsuits.

Hiring the Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Sacramento County, CA 

First and foremost, there is no such thing as the best lawyer or law firm. So, if you thought about hiring the best personal injury attorneys in Sacramento County, CA to fight your claim, we suggest you stop. Instead of trying to find the best attorney, which doesn’t exist, we suggest focusing your efforts on finding the lawyer you trust and feel comfortable with. After an injury financial stresses and anxiety can run high. When you’re facing a complex injury case it can only make matters worse. So, what options do you have?

Well, for starters, you can check out online reviews. Reading testimonials and reviews from past and current clients can help you get an idea of how an attorney performs. John O’Brien and Grant Zehnder have glowing reviews. Mr. O’Brien has a perfect 10 out of 10 AVVO rating. Attorney Grant Zehnder has been recognized by Super Lawyers as a rising star. In addition to checking out attorney reviews , you can also schedule an injury consultation. Our consults are free and we can help analyze your injury claim.

What Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney has Won the Most Money? 

Our law firm has won over One Hundred Million Dollars for accident injury victims. We’ve been fighting for the rights of accident clients for over 25 years. From car crashes to horrific, catastrophic injury accidents we’ve handled complex cases and successfully won millions for our clients. After sustaining injuries medical expenses can become overwhelming. When you’re too hurt to work, and you have less income coming in, your savings can evaporate quickly. An injury attorney can help protect your financial interests after an accident.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, and you need help with an injury claim, call us at (916) 714-8200. Mr. O”Brien and Mr. Zehnder are more than just injury attorneys, they are advocates who care deeply for their clients. Call now to schedule a free injury case review.

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